Top 10 Best Subliminal Messages In Advertising

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Top 10 Best Subliminal Messages In Advertising
From Coca-Cola all the way to Candie’s perfume ads, here are the 10 best subliminal messages in advertising
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Sammy197 says:

2:21 Realised? Is that a word that I don't know? Does that mean I should get an english teacher? Or does that mean that you have terrible writing?!! How could anyone let that slip through?!! I'm panamanian, and my main language is spanish, yet I saw it the second it appeared on screen, how could you not? That makes your video appear unprofessional!!!

Holly Reichs says:

the coca cola one shows a woman about to suck a dick

Chromablitz says:

7 makes no sense i cant see the nude silhouette


ursus? :)) romanian beer?

seth817 says:

I don't get it, why would hidden images of penises make people want to buy their product?

FromCrownToKingdom says:

By the way, #1 proves the Jews aren't behind all of advertising.

FromCrownToKingdom says:

These guys ain't shit. This is how REAL subliminal advertising is done:

Peyton Schmitt says:

what is #3?


what is five?

Sanaa Shaqeel says:

On number 8 I don't see it, iv read comments saying ints a woman peeing in a glass but like where? Is it the hands? Are the fingers shaped out as a woman? Is the glass the pee? Like seriously I don't see jack shit!

Turtledude83 says:

What was #8?

Alex Mckillmore says:

Thumbs up for the music

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