So what is ‘Integrated Advertising’?

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Trying to make sense of that ambiguous term called -Integrated Advertising.

Shaked & Baked by: Baumann Ber Rivnay/ Saatchi& Saatchi Advertising, Tel-Aviv.
Concept & Direction: Shushu E. Spanier
Art : Studio Darom (Jantien Roozenburg & Li Levi)
Writers: Yossi Lubaton, Dorit Gvili, Nadav Pressman, Maayan Tirangel,
Gili Sasson & Shushu E. Spanier
Agency CEO: Yossi Lubaton
Executive Creative Director and Deputy CEO: Yoram Levi
Chief Creative Officer: Nadav Pressman
VP Production & Content: Dorit Gvili
Producer: Bosmat Marmarely
DOP: Ofir Kedmi
Off-line Editor: Tom Sofer
Original Music: Ran Shem-Tov & Shiri Hadar – The Sound Makers Productions (
Sound Editor: Itay Swisa
Hand Models: Liat Samuel & Yogev Sivan


Adam Anderson says:

that's one hell of an integrated box!

Kuddle, Inc. says:

great job

LyonStudio says:

great work !

Amr Hisham says:

totally wow and simply creative!! , i bet u , u are a successful marketing specialist 😀

Ive says:

That's why you suppose to be "smart" to be able to buy in a smarter way. Not because they sell you beatifully ads and experiences but because you really need what are going to buy. Check the labels, the ingredients, the expiry date, where the product you are going to buy was made, do you have a list of things you really need and buy? Advertising was made because someone is selling their product, but at the end you are not cows, you are people with a brain and judgment to decide if you need it.

Kavan Arambepola says:

Awesome video!

victor zikalala says:

WITTY & out of the box:)

PlatinumMad says:

Fuck this stupid shit I just use adblock

Vanessa Kuster says:

Very creative video! In few minutes, it explained easily a so complex subject.. 😉

金 投赏 says:

Creative and interesting advertisement! Just associate education with entertainment!

metaledgemouse says:

SIGH this makes so much more sense than just reading it from articles
= w=;;;

عبدالعزيز الغفيلي says:

instagram: azoz_alghofily2012

M Kaur says:

Fantastic illustration! But I think I was concentrating on the boxes rather than the actual message of the video LOL… 🙂

Ruslan Nurullaev says:

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joel victor says:

awesome animation….i like because it explains with pictures…

CruzzioXT says:

Yay, I love to be called a "consumer" and be manipulated by those advertising dickheads! Booyaah!

TheAndresitaa says:

Great job guys!!!

Yota Baruti says:

Great Video !

TomasssiniGiacomo says:

My coworkers laughed when I told them I would get more money with "Morsch Money Secret", but then I showed them the results. Go google "Morsch Money Secret" to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

VipMss says:

Don't worry ! Open your heart to JESUS CHRIST ! He will give you the things that you really need ! Seek Jesus Christ now and Get Saved

Stalin Valenzuela says:

I loved it!! Good video

waiadave says:

This video is 5 years old.

Afnan Aldarwish says:

This is amazing!!

Arialdo Nilo Martire says:

Awesome video!! Congrats Saatchi!

JC Cody says:

This explains it so simply.

MQ says:

I love that cool box!

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