Interior Design – How To Design A Sophisticated Family Home

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Designer Jessica Cotton was inspired by the property’s elegant Georgian architecture when designing this family home. By respecting the space’s traditional bones and adding sophisticated decor that’s also family-friendly, Jessica was able to create an inviting, livable space for her client. See how she designed an elegant family home with pattern, colour and refined details.

Though it looks like a do-not-touch home, the space is actually very kid-friendly. Jessica kept the client’s two children in mind, so was careful to choose durable pieces that could take some wear-and-tear. Elegant accents, like glass chandeliers and panel moulding in the master bedroom, add a high-end aesthetic that’s still suitable for a young family. An Art Deco inspired dining table sits in the dining room among pinstripe wallpaper, adding even more glam to the tasteful space.


saleha Khateeja says:

i can say it z awsum ….done a perfect job (y)

InstyleDecor says:

Thanks from Hollywood

anne-marie charland says:

Would you be able to share the IKAT fabric used in the master bath? thank you

Sarah Clark says:

i can't imagine children living in that house :/

mrsjimmymare says:

Feels like hotel or property for rent. Doesn't feel like an everyday family home.

Katzbynite says:

What is up with these white walls all over the house with a home of this size? This house has very little character. Its a shame with all that space it is just adding crap to just say "hey, I had a designer do my layout" It looks too sterile. There are some nice features but those gawdy chandeliers are so bland.

Charlton & Jenrick Ltd says:

This is a great video – we often have the chance to work with sophisticated and beautiful family homes around the UK – to fit fireplaces. However, this video gives some really good family friendly ideas :)

Derek Li says:

The dinning (conference) room is too serious.

Ashley Case says:

I love this designers work, the house is beautiful, such a dream 

rudemaggottreehead says:

Its nice, but it looks like a hotel. 

Liese8914 says:

Gorgeous home! Can anyone tell me where the rug in the living room is from? Thanks!

Valerie Dionne Parker says:

I love work done with this home's decor Is this the Same Jessica (Cotton) that worked with Sarah Richardson? Great seeing her again as a solo designer!!

saltnlightful says:

I was surprised to see so much modern in the Georgian home.  I expected something different – but it is gorgeous.   The bathroom – over the top with WOW!   Sure is pretty.

Adrienne Jones says:

This home was very disappointing… Yes you used expensive materials and it looks like an expensive home but its lacking personality and decor…I honestly think I could style the home better…

Charlie4Kinks says:


Dathan says:

I bet it is a pleasure to work with "clients like these" meaning deep pockets with money to throw away.
Looks nice.  Kitchen is my favorite.

Simproved says:

I love watching these videos to get inspired for my builds! I love the matter bedroom! It is very elegant! 

Jane Norris says:

Looks like a Robert Norris architectural interior design.

Purity says:

The children's bathroom is beyond beautiful.

LRissa19 says:

A very pretty and elegant home. It's a little too white for me. I would want a little more earthy Beige or dark wood to warm it up. But I love blues  and I need that dinning room table!

nadiainthesky says:

Omg the "children's bathroom" though.
How lovely it must be to grow up stupidly rich!

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