Interior Design – BIG House in Vegas #5 Reality Show

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Interior Design, Interior Decorating Ideas, Big House, How to Decorate a large home, Home decor as Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson reveals the 3D SketchUp design plan for her Las Vegas clients. Imagine what it would be like to shop home furnishings with Rebecca and get a peak of what the team does on their off time… Its Vegas Baby! Take a ride with Scott and Sharrah as they meet with the people from Sony to see their latest high-end 4K television set to roll out in 2014.
Season 2 of Driven to Design is bursting with great Design projects working on beautiful homes. 2014 projects include an underground bunker, Desert Rose Inn and cabins in Utah, a custom home on the bay in Bermuda, a man cave in Carlsbad California, the most luxurious Roof Top terrace in LaJolla and some surprise YouTube Celebrity Collaborations ­čÖé Come back next week for more exciting adventures with the team at Robeson Design and of course, more family and office antics!
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Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
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and exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson
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maureen wanja says:

You've really inspired me with the renders..´╗┐

Audrey Theophilus says:

Omg! I'm barely discovering my passion in interior design and I'm so glad I came across your channel! So many good tips and inspiration :O´╗┐

Lola Castle says:

Phenomenal! You have an amazing vision. I love the ideas for this home.´╗┐

Vanessa Loya says:

Grayson's hot´╗┐

Lupita Melendrez says:

Can you help me re-makeover My room its small i really have no idea what to do can you please help me´╗┐

Julissa Hernandez says:

Come to my house it one story house and mack it pretty please´╗┐

Skylar Jennings says:

I stayed in that same hotel for a gymnastics meet!!!´╗┐

one super girl says:

You remind me of my grandmother because she has short hair same hair color and she looks young just like you and has the passion for fashion´╗┐

audigould93 says:

Who's Steve aoki lmao!!´╗┐

Enrico Quindoza says:

Rebecca you are the most best interior designer I have ever seen´╗┐

ladyanna says:

Did not think the woman seemed that friendly, loved the 3D tour I wish I even had that piece of kit to play with. If I ever am in a position (very large loto) win I would call on your services ´╗┐

Maui Sazon says:

Hi I'm Maui from the Philippines… I really admired all your works…you are such a superb talented interior designer….and you are so pretty also….I also loved your energy how you hosted your shows here on YouTube…. more power to you…I wish you were here in Philippines… love love all….. ´╗┐

Jessica Navarro says:

I am SO impressed with your interior design skills. You and your team are so talented and really have the eye to put rooms together. I loooove your videos! Keep them coming! :)´╗┐

sandra cabello says:

Can you desighn my room i admire you alot=)´╗┐

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