BBC – Design Rules – 5/6 – Interior Planning

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Design Rules, Interior Planning, Episode 5 of 6, BBC, 2003.
Narrated by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.
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Albert Sharlow says:

I'm rearranging the layout of my small studio and often go to YouTube for inspiration. Out of the 6 episodes, this one definitely helped me gain design ideas the most. Great mini series! Thank you!

Today _ سلة الفواكه (‫الرياض‬‎) says:

fck  gays , mr &( mrs ?)john … fuck tards ..

41RobLow says:


HaFeD MenTaliSt says:

presenter remind me of legend Mr Bean (john English movie )

Fong Parker says:

I like to sit in front of the TV. What's wrong to have the sofa facing the focal point the TV?

Carol Bateman says:

Kiss your hand 5 times comment this on other vid and a pink iPhone will appear under your pillow

‫رايي و ساقوله‬‎ says:

28.16………………..sorry but you changed the position of the door and the window………….this is no more the same room sir …

yuk tuk says:

some good ideas and a lot of arbitrary judgments and pseudo-scientific reasoning

Design Villa says:

good design in The world in my home

OhMyBooda says:

I love the presenter, such style and a way with words I only wish I can achieve one day. But his shirt is open a little too low  loll.

All American Handyman says:

Excellent interior design tips.

Stefanie Z says:

The best I've seen on this topic!

Stefanie Z says:

The best I've seen on this topic!

Kathleen Carter Steeves says:


Sarah Bernier says:

"Never even numbers, always odd…" What about symmetry? 2 bookcases, 2 lamps, 4 lamps etc..?

Candee Rose says:

I was too lost in his voice and picturing him eating crackers in my bed…I had to watch it again!

toll wab says:

"Humans feel happy when they are surrounded by symmetry….." That explains why I always feel happy in my symmetrical boxer engine Subaru.

bangaraiah v says:

how to maintain roof cracks in rain fall

Viki Sztandur V says:

he is hot!

Left4TeamFortress2 says:

21:00 what demon magic is that

Adina Ispas says:

"Only Finland and Germany have smaller ABODES…" – love the way he said that

Chelsey Luehr says:

While I find this series very educational, I am always dissapointed with the end result. The room design is just so boreing! I think its because current design is aware of the rules, but then tends to stretch and break them in interesting ways that still work somehow

Suzie Jackson says:

This was truly educational for me I love it!

Саша Рыбина says:

эхх.., на русском бы..:(

Dayna T says:

I loved your video,I subbd your channel,come and sub me back please I know it's a girlie channel but I am buying a new home so will start a lot of deco prdjects and DIYS,,,,Dayna

Baron Pu says:

sir you make me wonder why on earth did I go to college, I should have just watched your video XD instead

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