UFO, Unusual Disc In Desert Nevada, Oct 2015

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What to do Shugs says:

ive personally been on flights to cali and every time i am i go by the same sight, its a solar farm, the light is mainly reflected to the tower in hte middle as some kind of boiler it seems like when i go by it, but also a solar farm


clearly misunderstood technology


his flight path brings him no where near this area. fake.

Dale Mcneil says:

the thing doesn't move it stays in exactly the same position,UFO I think not

Darren Wilson says:

thats no sun farm man,could be some kind of space craft,or technology,it would be great if it was,but who knows for shore.

crackerwv says:

Nevada solar farm…if you believe google. I find it more interesting how this solar farm looks so much like the shiny things we see on the lunar images inside the craters than have insufficient explanations from NASA. Or looks like the same type of thing that is reflecting the light on Ceres. Maybe it's where they got the idea if this is what they say it is.

Ellen Doyle says:

Its a Nevada Solar Farm look on Goggle Images


it is this —-nevada solar far googel it .

Jeffrey Gebb says:

That's where I left my dish.

Larry D says:

WHAT a lunatic the photographer is, that is the navada solar far yea it is bright.

nmoom UAE says:

UFO OMG FUCK YEAR 10,000 fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Daniel Rodriguez says:

That's a solor steam generator, come on stop the b, s,

agubaia says:

How do we know this is not a Hoax ?

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