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FixItStupid says:

Hill Billy  I See Them Getting RICH $$$ Smart Rip OFF $$$… That All IT'S  Ever Been ..Yes they ARE trying to it out…Nuclear Pollution get as much contamination spread out everywhere and you can't   Say It's Just around the Nuclear Facilities …. Well They Be Sorry Soon

Peter Chorao says:

unbelievable. fixative? what brand? they probably should use your special paint formula to get a better coat of paint on there. is DOE NWPA WHIP kidding us?!? can't be serious. only seriously sick hillbillys:]

Billy J says:

Only one thumbs down, the meth freak must have been arrested again.

Billy J says:

Calling all the graffiti artists of the world, you are needed at Fukushima Japan.  All you can drink and eat for free……. cesium sushi and atomic asahi beer.

ellie winn says:

Ha ha ha . . . FIXXXATIVE . . . HA HA HA . . .They should spray thatthere BLAH(B) . . . IN DUH OCEAN!

John Wantling says:

This hickbillie BS, but is this the answer to Fukushima. All we need is a cardboard box, add six bags of salt and six fixative sprays. Throw a bag of salt into each reactor and spray some fixative and that is the clean-up complete. Its an inexpensive solution to the Fukushima nightmare. Nip over to Chernobyl with one bag of salt and one fixative spray and that is Chernobyl sorted out. Now why didn't anyone else think of that. John Wantling, Rochdale, UK

shawnanagins775 says:

Step right up, git yer selves some Fixative…covers 95% in one pass!! Something else they can sell. It's all about selling lie after lie after lie. Aww shucks, they'll never figure it out.

Candacej330 says:

This is so bad it is funny….I was thinking Dentures when he said Fixadent.  And that crap doesn't ever hold.  These guys are just on this side of 'criminal'. 
Paint? Does this idiot live in Mayberry?
First it was Kitty Litter and now it's Fixadent?  Have you ever painted over mold? It just bleeds thru and here we are dealing with our Children's Future.  Idiots In Charge
Thanks Thomas!

Patrick McCormack says:

The ULTIMATE Panty Painters.

annebeck58 says:

Hahaha,,  Ackermann?  These are EXPERTS!  ha!
I think it is time to remove that title from the whole bunch of them.  They are experts at NOTHING.

Fixatives.  I have some fixative, tooo.  I also have paint (painted scooter-parts, yesterday.)  Maybe I should test the parts for rads.  Will do that & let you know.
The soil in my potted-plants is three times the radiation as the carpet in my bedroom!

Patrick McCormack says:

'Fixative" HOLY SHITE. Industrial Fix-All brought to you by ACME POLLUTERS INC. Like that COREXIT gem they used in the BP Gulf disaster. Thanks, Nuclear Industry !

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