Best Forex Trading Platform

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Best Forex Trading Platform –

Question of the Day is, What is the Best Forex Trading Platform/System?
Watch the following short video to find out which Forex Trading Platform is the best.

Good Luck, Hope it helps, see you on the next video.


enterprisesanj says:

One that doesn't have monthly maintenance fees, or penalties for active trading. Thanks for any direction you can give.

enterprisesanj says:

Quick question, I had an account with Zecco years ago back when I was just playing in the markets, they have since "merged" with TradeKing and I am not looking to deal with tradeking at all (being my primaries are Fx and Options). I am now looking to day trade as a business and I am looking for another online broker to use. I have done the primary investigation on the brokers that come up with any search, and most don't cut it. What broker would you recommend?

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