Meaningful Advertisement – Union is Strength !!!

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Let us to make a better place for our future generation…


张棪(sakura clicker) says:


Eduardo Segundo says:

Atenção, Floresteiros de plantão,

Um lembrete pra que nunca esqueçamos que somos fortes, porém juntos, somos invencíveis.

Albert Lima says:

Please show us the link then so we can for ourselves too 🙂

Nitin Solanki says:

realy interesting

Mario Van Waeyenberge says:

ripoff from a belgian commercial for public transport. The union seems to be unoriginal.

Muhammad Shiddiq says:

di negara gua, kaga ada iklan bagus kaya gini T_T

Sayd Haque says:

good job…

000punchline000 says:

Hahaha Marxist propaganda

Charles TYX says:

Jax is not op

vova5742 says:

разом сила.

aditya yadav says:

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Sathil Mondal says:

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Kyle Auh says:

Unite we stand, divided we fall

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