Lawyer: How to Stand Up Against Mandatory Vaccination

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Alex Jones talks with lawyer Ralph Fucetola about his continuing fight with the state of California over the mandatory vaccination laws and what you can do to stand up and help fight back as well.

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gowdaflow says:

This whole vaccine debate will be over the day the CDC and WHO does a transparent comparison analyzing the health of vaccinated vs un-vaccinated children.. but they would never do that of course..

John Doe says:

I just googled Missouri vs McNeely and, according the Wikipedia, the reason the Supreme Court ruled in McNeely's favor is because they deemed the blood test to be an illegal search. So, the court didn't rule against the state because they pierced McNeely's skin, the end, but because they used this piercing to obtain evidence against McNeely, ie search. I'm not a lawyer, just a person with common sense. I am not for vaccines at all but I think this court case is a pretty weak leg. I would love to hear from anyone who can explain how Missouri vs. McNeely can be used as a shield against forced vaccination.

Josh pe says:

Senator Prescott Bush also helped the Nazis. The united states took the real criminals of ww2 and gave them money homes and jobs with NASA.

Josh pe says:

Senator Prescott Bush also helped the Nazis. The united states took the real criminals of ww2 and gave them money homes and jobs with NASA.

Meizzy D says:

I went to Dr rima's website and it says it was hacked. Could you please put up a link so I can make sure I am on the right website. Thanks.

fightzionistNWO says:

When are we going to hear about Nagalase/gcmaf & the connection to the 10 plus dead/'suicided/missing doctors INFOWARS??????

Just looking around says:

whats the website for the cards?

Ear3901 says:

Does the advance directive really work?

William Hardin says:

plastic chicken nuggets and low employee pay

Bertaboop1955 says:

I talked at length with my children about forced vaccinations of my grandchildren. My son told me that when they refused to allow their new daughter to be vaccinated the Dr.'s office made them sign a lengthy form saying that if she became infected with any of the diseases at issue they would be held legally responsible. I should mention that their second child is displaying all the signs of autism. He is barely 2.

Hugh Mann says:

"How to Stand Up Against Mandatory Vaccination"
Tell them to piss-off! Those who are employed by the government have taken oaths. They are civil servants and they have less rights than you or I. They can be held responsible for their actions by criminal and civil suit according to the Civil Rights Act. Don't fear these parasitic worms. They have NO power over you unless you give it to them. Study and learn the founding documents. Knowledge protects and you are the only one who can protect you. You can not be sovereign while hiring an attorney.

desertdee1 says:

Why didn't the InfoWars' crew add the link to the advanced directive card site?

Also, anyone else not able to paste into these comment boxes? I can cut, copy, and undo, but not paste?

Vorpal Bite says:

I am a self employed gun owning Christian male. By what method would they attempt to forcibly vaccinate me against my will ?

IronSharpens Iron says:

we have little control if we survive a bullet to the brain or die slipping in water. Unless the medical staff are pressing the vaccine as a way of attacking your religous belief or its a chip? theres no reason to fear. If God has plans for you, you will live to a hundred

Ian Steyert says:

A right not claimed is no right at all. If you do not claim your rights, they will not be recognized.
NOBODY can perform any medical procedure upon you without consent. If you are not able to give consent, your next of kin takes the responsibility.

TheStreeser1 says:

eh no,you take the shot or get shot

kellerr13 says:

I hate Skype.

If the NWO are going to skirt law to violate your rights, then no legal tricks are going to work. Your best bet is to find a way to make them THINK you got innoculated. Find a doctor that will do the paperwork, and charge you or your insurance company, but will not require you to get the innoculation.

DeathscytheHC13 says:

Ago, we won't be able to see them as freely as we wish due to an overbearing and controlling ruling class, making us do what they want us to do, when they want us to do it, manipulating our thoughts from wake to sleep like good little sheeple.

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