LawBreakers Dev Diary #1: Map Design Process

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What does it take to create a FPS multiplayer map? From art, to design (and the careful craft of balance), the team at Boss Key dives deep into the secrets behind the map creation process.


AndyPlayz YT says:

is there any idea on when this game will release, or at least when the beta will release? im excited for it. Also, any idea on how much the game will cost?

ReDFragg3r says:

very interestting layout , I like the style you're making great job keep it up 🙂 .

mestido says:

This game looks and sounds very promising, that's being said… I just hope it will not have any pay to win elements since it is a free to play game and we all know how they all turn out.

Eric Warman says:

Hi Zack!!!!! he he he he .. good vid

Ivis Nodovskiy says:

i hope this game will be ftp but no ptp like fucking overwatch

Collin Shepley says:

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

ArchieGamez says:

Can't wait!

master kill says:

soy de puerto rico espero jugarlo

NicoCoco says:

Awesome! love these kinds of behind the scenes videos. Theyre very interesting.

Alex Bean says:

I really enjoyed this, it went into a lot more detail than most dev diary videos.

Edvardas N says:

Looks so much better than Overwatch.

Crazysamboy100 says:

That's actually a really good dev diary video, I really enjoyed seeing the thought processes behind your decisions. Definitely do more of these.

Michael Arens says:

Great video! Showcased a ton of behind the scenes content as well as Rohan's epic editing skills. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

m.Locke says:

Very nice.

PacTheOne says:

Great. I really like this artstyle .. Its toony. But with grimmy, realistic pbr texturing and vivid colors. Using specific LUTs? Cheers from hamburg

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