Jaguar’s reply to mercedes advertisement. Mercedes vs Jaguar. Best ad ever.

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Now thats what you call a real advertisement. Jaguar just made an epic advertisement in reply to mercedes new Magic Drive Technology.


Rejected Beats says:

Jaguar is the best car in the world, and I don't care what someone else think about it. Video just made me laugh…

Deepak g Nair says:

Touche jag, touche

Michael Madsen says:

cat like reflexes….. much more how it has to be….

Flavio Bernardo says:

If we put a camera above the chicken, will it work as a camera stabilizer ???????????

bharath rossi says:

oh!! So this is why brits play the best baddies in movies!!

Fastertrack says:

looks kinda cruel to the chickens. then again the meat industry is far worse

JesusBlack14 says:

Jaguar is soo behind Mercedes…

NIkhil p says:

nice vidz

John Smith says:

Now That's Advertising!

Titania Titanuim says:

JAGUAR IS AMAZING I LOVE IT their cars i will use forever

Mlp Galaxies says:

Poor chicken it got eaten by a jaguar

Shia Carson says:

I think this is worse for Jaguar than for Mercedes.

tavi921 says:

Merc should have used a running cheetah, it has the same head stability but it's doing sixty and chasing antelopes.

I Shyper says:

They were asking for it 🙂 If I were Jag guy watching chicken in competition's commercial, that's exactly what my thought would be – make jaguar eat this chicken :)

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