How to Create Characters (the Design Process)

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scorbz93 says:

Can you tell me the setting for that brush like pencil thing?

‫יובל הויברגר‬‎ says:

Witch program you use to draw on your computer?

Doom says:

For the next art can u do Dante DmC5

Bass Wave says:

ur a pro !! <3

GenriceRBLX says:

Do you use a drawing tablet?

pesto12601 says:

HOly crap.. you are good!! Subscribed….!

Biohazard 86 (Real Survival Horror) says:

Awwww Mennnn.
The most funny method of western style draw I see in more time.
Thank´s for a explanations

Marcel De Beer says:

what program do you use to draw

Ruben Gholston III says:

What software are you using?

Dongcai Zhao says:

There is not so much stuff in my brain….Where can I find them and fill them in my mind?

Ads Online says:

i really like your style.

Victor Dredg says:

I draw on paper, will this video still be useful to me?

neon farbe says:

Du machst es wirklich sher gut. Manchmal bekomme ich das hin und dann wieder nicht. Mache einfach mein Handgelenk so steif.

Nigel Brian says:

Thank you for your videos! I'm doing a video game for my thesis and I need to create original characters. This video is great! 🙂 Subscribing.

imstone says:

draw an animation of jaxxon!

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