pineapple and mathematics

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Mathematics on a Pineapple. Do You know about the artistic ways peeling a pineapple? And do you know that there is mathematics behind? Can you reasoning why this is the best way to peel?


lkj802 says:

i have a feeling the reason he cut the eyes out in the diagonal motion is because the eyes are positioned according to Fibonacci sequence, the diagonal method is the best way to cut the crap out of the pineapple but maintain the most pineapple.

There is a maths lady on youtube somewhere that explains Fibonacci.

Gustavo Bautista says:

no se la rifa que chafa

☯ ShadowHitter ☯ says:

RIP to all the people with Trophobia

George Carlin says:

Waste of food. Kids in Africa…

Ayushparth Sharma says:

Fibonacci may be :)

Raj Das says:

I love school and I always pass and so does my brother but come on this is not math

Justin Miller says:

Its not mathematics. You just save fruit by doing this method. It also might be a little bit faster than the normal method.

Stacy Veazey says:

Minimal waste.

Warm Milk says:

There is no mathematical reasoning. Its because he needs to take the "black dots" ( As you referred them to ) out.

Aiaiya 0112 says:


hyphySIN says:

why couldnt you ask him???

でで“ぷおん”どん says:

Oh.. I can see this pineapple is corn.
Its very Painful………..

violent2k says:

f(x) = -tan(x)

Nicole Kaye says:

This is how most Asians peel the pineapple. Coz we want to save as much meat from the fruit, rather that peeling it up till u no longer see the spots. It's just that he's got a fancy tool to do so. I use a sharp paring knife. It'll do. :)

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