Outtakes #4: Crash Course Astronomy

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Sometimes even Phil has a hard time with Astronomy. Time for another Bad Astronomy break!

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Teh Yong Lip says:

the cutest astronomer ever xD

Frank Verhorst says:

Please make another 50 episodes because this serie is so good.
Way better than what is, or has been, on TV.

Crimbly says:


Dirk Remmelzwaal (debries) says:

For ages, mankind has stared up to the night sky and wondered,

is there owls?

JawBreaker162 says:

Can you play KSP and see your comments on it?

d4rk0v3 says:

I love these outtakes, because we get to see just how human you are :p lol. Thanks for the laughs!

Piffrock says:

You guys just destroyed a legend. :(

Carl Justin Malubag says:

No way.. No Dark Matter?
I'm looking for that episode :(

RemlitQueen says:

Why haven't I watched these outtakes before? I've been missing out!

twistedmezelf says:

Its soo weird to see you make many mistakes when each episode seems like such a smooth run of talkemenship xD

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