Fetty Wap – My Way (Parody) | Healthy Food

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Ayeee. I hope you guys MAD enjoy this video. It’s a true story. I am indeed this unhealthy. But my cholesterol levels are okay! Don’t worry. Shoutout to the homie Andre for helping me wreak absolute havoc in Kroger. ***I do NOT claim rights to this track!


Oliver Moore says:

I'm supporting you. you seem like a cool person good luck

Alfreda Marable says:


Janyiah Jones says:

Lol I like when he said "I don't want donuts no more"

Tyler Etter says:

I want to suck her

Julius Ruiz says:

the beginning ruined it

Jamaria Robinson says:

Who is that guy wearing the yellow shirt i hope it is not her boy friend

Dawn 99023371 says:

love it this is funny☺

Reuben Bell says:

u are hot

Billy Franklin says:

I love this song

Jetavia Zinnerman says:

great and you can sang go girl

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