Top 5 of the most terrible Crashes in Formula One

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Here’s a compilation of the most terrible crashes in history of F1, by Paul369

5.Jacques Villeneuve & R. Schumacher, Melbourne, 2001
4.Niki Lauda, Nurburgring, 1976
3.Gilles Villeneuve, Zolder, 1982
2.Tom Pryce, South Africa, 1977
1.Ayrton Senna, Imola 1994


motanelustelistu says:

So price was at the wheel of the car that hit the marshal ? Did he also died instantly ? Isn't there a more in frame video ?

Dani ziqry the kid says:

2nd was the scary

Pauline Benoit says:

Hey, Its really funny crack purring What's happening, guys.

Ahmet Sipahioglu says:


やまさん says:


YouAreDismissed says:

+ThatGamingDude 191 awe Von Vuuren's body was ''ripped'' apart, Pryce was just nearly decapitated. Ugh

YouAreDismissed says:

Although Senna was and is a legend his crash wasn't the worst imho, on every fatal f1 video hes number one and it might sound harsh but i think he doesn't ''deserve'' that. I know fatal crashes that were way worse like Roger Williamsons and 'Le mans '55 with a total of 84 fatalities including the driver and 120 people were injured. Some of the victims were decapitated because the bonnet, motor, front axle and other debris flew trough the crowd after Leveghs car became airborne. Its horrible for every single driver but some of the crashes are way worse than Sennas fatal crash. What i do think is heartbreaking is that examiners later found out that Senna was carrying the Austrian flag in honour of Ratzenberger who earlier died that weekend :(

Chris Han says:

All F1 deaths are tragic, but for sheer heartbreaking drama with the whole tragic event captured on film, the death of Roger Williamson at the 1973 Dutch GP will be forever the most unforgettable.

ThatGamingDude 191 says:

Awe, I wanted tom price to be first! His body got ripped apart!

Matthias Gruber says:

Sup yo! It's really interesting Video snotty sun What's your opinion about it, guys 1!

Gary Buchan says:


laura Juranek says:

I somehow look at these people as heros in their own right…. <3

yolantha scheepink says:

so sad i remember the crash so sad i cried a river watching this again….rip senna!

ArayCore says:

I am SO grateful for the bad tv image quality in 1977! D:

Samuel Baldwin says:

on the 2nd to last one did he get ripped in half

apmirkin says:

that reaction by Alain Prost sais it all.. to ke he looked very concerned… and these two allegedly disliked each other like bad smells.

raulv04 says:

On the first four crashes, three minutes, and on the last one TWO MINUTES 10 SECONDS????? Sheesh!!!!!

hejamodo says:

His name was Tom Pryce

Stratahoovius says:

I still can't figure out why Senna crashed?
It just looks like the car lost all control and steering.

The Skrachator says:

Was Tom Pryce. Not Price

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