Photoshop & Illustrator speedart: Bass Boost Logo design by Swerve™

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In this video, I design a logo for a client “Bass Boost HD”. I really wanted to make the logo stand out, so i decided to go with a thick style of lettering. You will see me take the logo into photoshop to give it the final touches.

Bass Boost HD:

0:00 Wizard x SusTrapperazzi – Break The Rules
3:56 Rozes – R U MINE (SteLouse Remix)

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Amir Alshekarchy says:

Whao ! nice work. i hope to be that talented someday .

ToucanDesigns says:

Dope stuff breh :)

Alma Elizalde says:

wow!!! you just motivated me!!!! thanks a bunch!!!! look forward to watching more of your videos

mexykanu says:

really nice

SKHouse says:

bro i need ur help i need a logo

Jay Myers says:

Damn, sick work!!

alterman wasdalos says:

You son of a bitch! And I mean that in a good way like "IAM SO DAMN JEALOUS OF UR SKILLS!"

Seconius says:

Halfway in "wow, that turned out really good", but then you continue and I'm like "wtf, he's not done? What more could one do?", obviously a lot. You're talented. Great work.

Tokyo Sydney says:

you are insanely talented!

SpeedPvP says:

Wow, I didn't know my favorite graphic artist made my favorite music channel's logo, a big surprise, but it looked like something you would make, keep it up, Swerve!

Тимонин Александр says:

Help in the creation of logos. Not expensive.

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