Funny Formula 1 Commercials

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Sometimes Formula 1 takes itself too seriously – we look at some of the drivers pretend to act as they star in some of the funniest commercials you’ll find on the internet – enjoy!


Domantas Gaurilovas says:

lol hakkinen at the end is like. jeez guys, im freezing cold, turn some heat on

Borsófőzelék Piskótakockával says:

Murray Walker: male soprano

MastaMS21 says:

The 2007 one gets better and better with years. And as many said, Mercedes had totally right : the two were fighting against each other but at the end, the Flying Finn was first.

Thegamer9708 says:

These commercials are so funny

Mark Marksson says:

I would so much want to shake hands with Mika, what a legend , and what a gentleman :)

TheSilverOutlaw says:

Those Mercedes Adverts were truly amazing. Absolutely Fantastic! 🙂 

Timothy Halliday says:

Hamilton and Alonso have awful rowing technique

Eoin Carpenter says:

Mika just has to be wandering onto the set of every ad

xboxgamer says:

Nico and Michael…………………Mika

The Robloxian says:

XD Mika hakkinen is everywher !

DrivingLife 2000 says:

0:41 Murray Walker makes that V12 engine sound XD Mmmmmmmmm!

Umar Islam says:

Ham vs Alo

So funny

Shadowwolf TD5000 says:

I have never seen any of these. Gotta love the Hamilton/Alonso one

clockner says:

That hamilton and alonso spot won by like an V10 F1 car over a current 2014 v6 turbo .

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