Awesome Top New Technology Cool Gadgets and Inventions 2015

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My new video of all the top new inventions, awesome cool gadgets and amazing technology in 2015. Many of the creative high tech inventions and gadgets shown in this new video are available today.
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Enjoy this collection of the latest tech for around the home that includes many futuristic looking items.
This video included iPhone gadgets, household inventions, pet gadgets, wearable gadgets, high tech devices, and many of the top new greatest inventions around.





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Oumaima Souidi says:


Alduin Dovah says:

What the fuck is up with all that apple product placement. x(
Really? Only showing apple gadgets. <_>

David Milenkovic says:

Good chanel!!!
Hi from Serbia (Novak Đoković) :)

Mooneer Nauzeer says:


Dottie Lott says:

The flask sandals are just weird.

Weasley Snipes says:

Really…The walk on water Mat lol

MrToast 518 says:

You can make the wireless speaker with a use paper towel tube

William Stanton says:

Cool video


most of this stuff was from ifunny

holyfnshet says:

those weren't night vision contact lenses those were the display contact lenses that let you see a desktop display wireless in your eye

Uff This Girl says:

loved it all feel to have all gadgets wooww its lovely

Karlwis Avun says:

you are from the future

Ivona Love says:

Many of these I want to buy

OculusGames says:

Nothing to do with technology, these are gadgets, technologies are VR, AR, AI and stuff like that…

Jake Jones says:

Jumping stilts all good & well until you bust your back. Then the lawsuits begin. Dog activated fountain? Forget it! I have the mechanical lick to get water. Been working perfect for several decades, and NO leaks!

Omar Ruelas says:

not really

Omega Music says:

Digital cutting board? You mean a kindle? Lol

Noah Ford says:

Stupid inventions 2015? Lol.

PinkPawz Tv says:

what I want is a real life game like sword art online

doreen sisanalli says:

mp3 player was cool..

BlastoiseBabe says:

but how much though.

Jordankicks 1 says:

nice video

Wender Torres says:

bom muito bom

Vineet Singh says:


Vineet Singh says:


Wendy Purcell Technology says:

Night Vision contacts are so cool!

Chris Testerman says:

Flask……sandals…….really…..for some reason I don't think that really belongs right beside a 200 mega pixel camera

xXDeathMetalThrasherXx says:

The mat was cool.

Esat Rokker says:

We are working on a travel application and will like to get real travellers input.

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