7 Futuristic Kids TOYS and Gadgets

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Next generation kids gadgets and toys…….

1.Tinitell http://www.tinitell.com/
2.Trobo Robot http://www.herecomestrobo.com/
3.Moff http://www.moff.mobi/
4.Ozobot http://ozobot.com/
5.Toymail http://www.toymail.co/
6.The Kiband http://www.kiband.com/
7.Dynepod http://www.dynepic.com/


Nylu Nylu says:


Austin Jacques says:

Wow, a kid wants to learn that's a first

Brody Dupre says:

OK #4is dope af

king bloxxor (kingbloxxor) says:

so the guys at trobo robo work for EA? explains a lot

BlackDiamond AJ says:

WE use Ozobots in computer lab c:

Miriam Gorman says:

Toy Mail pig gadget sounds dangerous. Hackers have already been able to hack nanny cams and the voice of the pig doesn't seem to decipher between who the child is talking to. How easy would it be for a predator to communicate to the child on the other end pretending to be a relative. Don't understand the desire for this toy at all.

Hikaru Hitachinn says:

2:04 that music is in work at a pizza place from Roblox :O

Can't wait for the minecraft fans that say Roblox sucks just because I mentioned it

SomeDrunkkid69 says:

how can I get ozobot

ZeerosFate says:

A toy that has child develop an emotional bond with it… I guess that when parents are stuck with 2 full time jobs each that might be the next best thing to fill in some wide gaps.

GeekbehindGlasses says:

Oh dear lord, Trobo n' rule 34.. :(

Gaming Wafflz says:

I gotta admit Moff actually looks cool

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