5 Smartphone gadgets you should buy

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Amazing Gadgets for your smartphone

Embrace Plus http://www.embraceplus.com/
Novelsys Amperehttp://www.novelsys.co/


Spectrum Infinitum says:

this video gave me cancer

christopher williams says:

Chris black

Potatowalnut says:

What if I lose my key tag and my phone

Christopher Avery says:

kiitag 2 cancelled

magehack says:

i gone to kickstarter for the kiitag 2 and i saw a lot of ppl wanted to refund

Pablo Canelas says:

Isnt it better to buy an apple watch, moto 360, samsung gear or a peeble. Instead of that bracelet?… Smart watches look a lot nicer and can do more.

X-Elerate DANIEL says:

I am in Love with These Things <3 LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE

Cody Anon says:

Embrace plus is the stupidest thing ever.
A ringtone does the EXACT same thing.

Jack Land says:

Embrace+ isnt rally stylish

Joey Romano says:

The kiitag2 was canceled, they are not making them no more, and they are refunding people when i went to buy 1, as for Rico, the website is not even working, and for the wondercube, it says PREOrder which is fine, but its out March 11.. Which is 5 days Earlier than this Video, And on their website it still says PRE-ORDER. so the items i have checked are either canceled or not out yet, or i dont know about the rest, just a heads up

AIKEN100 says:

does the kii tag work on iphone?

gaurav singh says:

Apollo did not 'happen'…!! Get over it ..!!!

Raviteja Kalahasthi says:

Nothing is on market!!

PUNK3LI5D says:

middle finger at 5:12

CT27NX says:

you get an F for volume control

Seiko Shinohara says:


Oddvin Lorenzo Preinstad says:

the cubes emergency charger is genius

Akins Josh says:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smartrico/rico-turn-your-used-smartphone-into-a-smarthome-de updated Rico page, not the random one linked in post. Love this stuff.

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