10 Lies That Advertising Sold You

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Photoshop, misleading labels, and punchy slogans are only a few of the tools advertisers can use to manipulate consumer perceptions.

AllTime10s brings you a list of the top 10 market ploys, wild exaggerations, and outright lies that companies have tried to feed you over the last few decades.

Check out Why We Shouldn’t Trust The News – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSZ2XKH8loM&index=18&list=PLIuI51kF0nGu-n20_SdsU9ZD_fWZXGDrr

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Almita Brown says:

all make up commercials are lies

Almita Brown says:

all make up commercials are lies

AWildAdventurerAppeared Youtube vids and such says:

What did Halitosis really mean, then?

Cristian Perez says:

I like how you guys just take aim at the United States and not confront problems in your country.

Edward Fleming says:

The diamond one contradicts itself from the start. To say diamonds where not associated with marriage and in the same sentence say only nobility bought diamonds before the 'A Diamond is forever campaign' ignores the fact that the nobility and royalty often bought them as engagement rings! There are examples of this dating back to at least the 15th century in Britain and much further back in other parts of the world. To say there was no association before the campaign is simply untrue.

Also why put CRED Jewellery in the video? they had nothing to do with the advertising campaign and have done a huge amount of good work in promoting fair trade jewellery. There are plenty of shitty diamond companies out there, why not put them in a video about so called 'lies'

Katy Cher 〈3 says:

if 55% is chocolate and 13% is hazelnuts then whats the other 32%?

Brayden Smith says:

11. Milk builds strong bones.

truth or trash says:

You mean to tell me that most of these moron actually fell for this most of this s**t

Certified Mindblower says:

Herbalife is life <3

CaptRicoSakaraPrower says:

1. – Holy Shit. Really?!

EddyMedley says:

Nobody purchases bottled water in Finland as we are taught from a very early age that tap water is much cleaner.

JoeJam Gameing says:

The "local water systems hygiene standards" allow towns to put in chlorine and fluoride, fluoride damaging your brain and chlorine being a poison used in WWII before it was prohibited unofficially because of its severe effects as a gas.

Wesley Yip says:

the other 8% of local water systems that don't meet the standards are from L.A

Ompalompa Lompa says:

Wtf why are people buying bottled water when there's tapwater available? the fuck is wrong with people.

antagonizerr says:

Adam Ruins Everything…apparently not your clickbait vids, huh? Try some original content and I may re-subscribe

antagonizerr says:

Adam Ruins Everything…apparently not your clickbait vids, huh? Try some original content and I may re-subscribe

Alex Yorim says:

Odd that a Japanese restaurant ad showed up on my mobile before this one.

Johnny Rektfingers says:

i actually liked that way when he said Vitamin. anyone else?

Jonathan Kimmel says:

#10 they could have just dropped the price
#9 yeah
#8 tic-tac?
#7 um no
#6 fuck mcdonalds theyre big macs suck
#5 it's vite not vet but vitemen c is quite healthy
#4 i don't drink much soda mostley at work
#3 wow this is wrong bottled water is cleaner than tap and in some places like mexico if your not used to the water you get the shits
#2 meh
#1 no the pledge want milked for flag money till later and schools are banning the pledge fuck Obama


I buy spring water when properly filtered water isn't available because I don't want to poison my family with the fluoride that many governments put into the tap water.

Cribby says:

You pronounced vitamins right

Kenz300 x says:

The processed food industry needs to reduce the amount of fat, salt, sugar and additives in the food products they sell.
Email, tweet, or call their customer service departments and tell them that you want to see healthier food options.
There is an obesity epidemic in this country and around the world contributing to heart disease, high cholesterol, and cancer.
Their response is that they are producing what people want….. let them know that people want healthier food choices.

slippytiger says:

Nice primark jumper guy.

TonyBoschFilms says:

Thoughty42 narrating?


6:44 Might aswell be nazi Germany

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