Interview – John M. Barry – The Great Influenza

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Interview with John M. Barry author of “The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History” recorded February 9, 2005 in Seattle


Dameon Grey says:

I was going to correct you, because it's "We're f***ed"….. but….. I agree that we were f***ed, and are still f***ed. I'm surprised we're still around! XD So carry on.

Opus4bards says:

In other words "Were F…….ed"

George Foreman says:

what a great guy!

drmdk says:

Best book every written about the Flu
I purchursed 5 copies and gave away to our pediatric residents.

drmdk says:

I think all doctors should read his book.

permacultureli says:

Mr. Barry is brilliant. He is speaking about important things, not just influenza, but INFLUENZA….the influences of power, of war and of social and economic crisis…how it all interrelates. I'm sharing it.

Michael Anderson says:

where r u getting your facts from and how reliable are they?

jonathan bowman says:

I just read this book, it was VERY good

CULAVE says:

In Europe the Spanish Influenza has largely been forgotten despite being one of the worst killers in world history. This may be because the bulk of WW1 was fought in Europe and therefore overshadowed it. In my country (the UK its estimated 250,000 died in the Spanish Flu- though British Great War fatalities were close to 1 million so I think the legacy of the Spanish Flu (which effected every country on earth) varies according to how much WW1 overshadowed the flu in different nations.

DebbieVicari says:

I will have to check it out! thanks subies!

asus2175 says:

Sounds like it should be taken seriously.
One day it may be unstoppable.

GnosticNinja says:

F'ing riveting! Found the book on Amazon. There should be alarm bells going off after watching but two minutes!

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