Illustrator Tutorial: Logo Design Process by Swerve™

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Slow Mo Mondays Episode 6

In this Episode i will be showing you how to make a logo and the process that goes behind making one. I really hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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Moon Font by Jack Harvatt:

Sit back, relax & Enjoy.

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Bufishawt says:

This is a good video, quite inspirational, I like you approach to the logo creation process. But the inefficiency with which you use Illustrator makes me cringe (all that extra movement, no use of hotkeys) 🙂 It still turned out ot be a nice logo though, keep up the good work.

Wavy 923 says:

nice I'm in school for graphic design you are helping me a lot

Ghalia Twal says:

great channel thank you

Blagoj Aleksovski says:

05:34 I was on fullscreen and for a moment I thought my laptop just got a BSOD -.-

Davo Q says:

Your replacement of 'th' with 'd' is incredibly annoying. like dat and dis and dem, da.

Marshal says:

Oh my god this is great, thank you so much

Kamel Kadri says:

Dude that's a Champions Hockey League CHL rip off

xSpiral says:

haha CHL CityHeistLondon or ChampionsHockeyLeague

Andreas Agus says:

very cool man !!

Heylox says:

Iam learning logo/graphic disigning at the moment, thanks for this nice "tutorial" and also for the ideas, how i can do some things :)

Quality says:

You are one clever mother fucker. Thanks for ispiring me!

Beast Menus says:


Cody Hoard says:

Please make more tutorials! You explain things so well and it's easy to follow.
Love your style, Swerve. Keep it up

Caronis says:

Very good tutorial, i'll need this :D

Malena Santos says:

yeah that what they use on TheArtInstitutes to teach you, but you pay 1000% more , so if you want to learn yes, is worth a lot more just pay the membership from than go to any for profit school.

Devin Chaves says:

This is so clever. I am so impressed.

Fred Sangatati says:

This has been helpful thank you very much

Pradeep Mudaliayar says:

It was really helpful. Thank you !

Hipocrates R. says:

Thanks a lot, nice and smooth, I wanna grasp the Illustrator concepts and commands and this helps, after so many years in photoshop I'm ashamed I cannot use Illy, thanks and keep them coming.

trii do says:

How could I find your courses on +Swerve™ Graphic designer

Dr Jinx says:

can u please tell me how will i make logo like this and its call MON

@Hacked by Desler says:

Can you make a logo for my CS:GO eSport team?

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