Unmitigated climate change to shrink global economy by 23 percent

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With the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris days away, a new study suggests that, left unchecked, climate change will shrink the global economy by 23 percent. Ben Gruber reports.

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Brett Buchanan says:

Such utter extrapolation…lol. We have no choice yet but to deal with "Climate Change"…all the carbon taxes, all the money in the world, all the energy and technology on this earth will still not stop an ice age….which happens, from time to time; as do large meteor strikes. If we don't find a way to continue to "mature" away from mother earth, none may survive…but that's one of the largest problems with humanity at this point. We're not mature enough to work together….sad.

Donald Kasper says:

Based on voodoo inputs and spooky calculations, we have determined you will die unless you capitulate to the reality of our models and learn to live in shit. Essentially a propaganda counterargument to the loss of economic output to shrink the world economy to enforce draconian reductions in fossil fuel use for no real reason at all, except for more model predictions. Next he will predict a tipping point at which time the world economy collapses into anarchy, which of course, it will do if we decarbonize the world. Either way.

eric1970x says:

There's a mini ice age predicted starting 2030 or sooner from what I've heard, I'd say that would mitigate any rise in global temperatures.

Matt Maverick says:

Well climate change is a scientific fact, what's BS is the belief or propaganda that says it's solely caused by humans.

ThunderboltTangerine says:

Yes because Berkeley academics are economic geniuses with the ability to see 100 years into the future.
The likes on this video demonstrate that after 20 years of this BS people aren't buying it anymore.

- Di0nysus - says:

I dunno how people can still doubt that climate change is a real, scientific phenomenon. Up until the surface of the planet is completely changed, and millions of lives ruined will all of u wake up.

Tom Manley says:

Climate Change = more BS



Tylor Johansson says:

Over regulation by liberals will shrink the economy.

unknown name 543 says:

do you really need a "scientific study"
it's common sense people can't live & perform well in harsh weather
this information is as medieval as the invention of cloths.

John Smith says:

Climate Change is false. We were told 10 years ago their would be no turning back if the plans weren't implimented immediately yet here we are stronger than ever. If people want to pay a carbon tax to make them feel better whats holding you back, don't make the rest of us pay a tax on an imaginary problem.

davematherly says:

hmmm, and since the "global economy" is a fictional construct, does it really matter?
Its an engineered system of false scarcity. Some have most of everything, leaving little for the masses.
And its enforced by thugs bribed with paychecks.
Humanity, on the other hand, is as real as you and me.

phatbottom Six says:

No unmitigated greed, corruption and war will shrink global economy! Climate change is a scam! Good try though!

Rob Anderson says:

pointless to even comment

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