Question: How Does a Newbie Begin Learning App Development?

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Hi Eli I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now and what caught my attention that in some of your videos
you mention IOS Development and Android development. The question is how would a newbie go about learning enough so that they can make money from doing so or even setting up a business with the skills obtained.
I am look forward to your response.

P.S I swear to the spaghetti monster!



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Creamy Spinach says:

I love the optimism you have. I've kinda hit a slump in my objective-c development but this really helped 🙂 "Keep going" is the best advice I can give to any newbie. Have a great day.

Vince Polston says:

Super helpful video. Definitely answered some questions that I needed answers to. I like the idea of building up a portfolio like you described. Thanks Eli

Shubham Singh says:

Hey Eli! thanks for the guide.
I am learning android app development and been into game development as well.
But every time i had some idea but i get struck to work on it because of lack of graphics. Like i want to build some app, but how do i get graphics for my application, same thing happen with game development as well.

i am good in coding, but coding alone is not helping me out. Could you suggest any solution to go around this problem. I had also applied to startup co's but they all want an experienced developer which leaves me helpless. Please help out !!!

Ben Whoriskey says:

I'm genuinely over the moon I found this channel. Thanks for all the extremely valuable info, which in turn motivates the hell out of me.

Shea Frederick says:

Eli – the name you were looking for was Shea Frederick (me). Long time no see! Let's grab a coffee someday and catch up.

Jonas Baessens says:

App Development vs networking? pro/cons?

GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis says:

+Eli the Computer Guy it will be great if you make a little review about the best sites to search for a job in non profit organization and how to search in them.
i just moved to USA and meanwhile i m getting my social security number i would like to get some experience about how people work here and what they do etc. I got pleanty experience i have work in computer over 20 years and i keep pushing myself to learn new things every day , but new country new experiences ;-)

Luke Grekat says:

Visual Studio IDE (C# language) for Windows phone/tablets. Eclipse IDE (and Java language) for Android phone/tablets. Apple (and Objective-C language) has their own IOS development stuff, the IDE, and last I knew the Apple IDE was all free.

Pick one and specialize specialize specialize. I think Apples IPhone and tablets are most popular. After the Dummies book, go to the Wrox books. Sell you app on the Apple store (or Windows store) for $1.00 and hope to sell a million of them! That's the dream!

Nitro Powerful says:

Very informative videos delivered in an understandable articulate manner.  So much to learn, thank you for your dedication!!  True passion.

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