Global War Talk, Clinton Email Lies, Fed Rate Hikes and the Tanking Economy

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Talk of war is happening around the world this week. There is the recent incident of the U.S. Airforce flying a B-52 bomber close to man-made islands claimed by China in the South China Sea. Russia “leaked” plans for a nuclear torpedo that could be sent into a harbor and exploded. This is in response to the U.S. putting missile defense in Europe. Meanwhile, ISIS is threatening Russia in Syria and making a video saying “soon very soon Blood Will Spill Like Ocean.” Meanwhile, ISIS is making threats to Israel from the Sinai Peninsula.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is getting worse for camp Clinton. The FBI is now reported to be widening the probe. The Bureau is looking into allegations of lying and making false statements. This apparently is not only for Ms. Clinton, but her staff as well.

The Fed seems schizophrenic. One day they talk of negative interest rates, the next they say they want to raise rates in December. I don’t know what they are doing, and I don’t think they do either. Headline out of USA Today, this week, says “Fed’s Williams: ‘Strong case” for Rate Hike.” In September, the Fed could not raise rates because the global economy and China was sinking. Williams says global growth is “still fragile” but touts a paltry “2% growth.” Gregory Mannarino of said the market topped in May, and his call is holding. Mannarino said, this week, the ECB was going to give some more easy money talk because the market was rolling over again just like October. That’s exactly what happened the very next day:

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

World War Threats, Clinton Email Probe Widens, Confused Fed, Bad Economy


Dan Fisker says:

At least we still got Permaculture which I believe is the answer :D

Star light says:

So if we lose the game plan, open your wallets and look for financing of those new bonds to evaporate too. The interest charges alone will sink this TITANIC loss of the Israelis who will undoubtedly now shoulder the direct responsibility themselves if necessary. And don't think for a minute 'they' aren't completely MAD. MAD as a HATTER 10/6. I'll call you and raise by this much. Won't take much either! Lol.

Star light says:

@8:50 : Sure, it's happening. And EYE told the UNIT it would happen that it would happen if 'they' didn't get their way, and they're <NOT! Why? Well, lets SEA. ISIS has been caught in the snare and Russia is having them for dinner while it's Israeli sympathetic partner in crime, AMERIKA, couldn't do it. Why? Because ISIS was the proxy virus sent to infect the region for eventual takeover of IRAN, the last domino. So now of course we AMERIKANS will be punished; it wasn't enough that we sacrificed our kids on the altar of 'freedom'', but were compelled to borrow money from the very same people who benefit from the destruction of their common enemy. Kissinger: "My enemy's enemy is my friend". And if you don't have one then like Hitler and Kuhn & Loeb, you craft one. And boy did we craft ONE for the lady!

larry beales says:

Clinton has pissed off the illuminati somehow.They are all criminals but it never comes out unless they piss off the wrong people.

Dead Duck Army says:

I think it is funny that Americans endlessly worry about what stuff others do to the US, and never what the US did to others. Usually the US does endless stuff to others for resources and then the US is shocked they do stuff back.

Alastair Carnegie says:

At times like this, I advise my close friends to stock up on Bird Seed from the local pet store. It costs very little. Then start sprouting it,  Keep on feeding the birds, fresh sprouted grains and seeds can be five times more nutritious. With an adequate water supply, if the sky falls on our heads? God forbid, a diet of fresh sprouted seeds and grains, cooked Chinese style with additional tinned or preserved rations, could see a person through the crisis. At best, you will see a lot of very happy birds, when the crisis never happens.  It's like tossing a two head coin. you can't lose much on the investment.

jay762360 says:

I have to say that I believe that the regulatory environment around the world is the biggest problem with the economy.  I am tired of safety meetings, taking good care of my ppe, paying to have people put stickers on my fruit and I am tired of peeling stickers off of my fruit, I am tired of people trying to keep me safe and healthy, I am tired of piss ant elitists dictating how I should live my life when these hypocrites do the opposite, I am tired of hearing that carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas when plant life depends upon it, I am tired of constantly being lied to and I am tired of being, incrementally, systematically enslaved, I am tired of living under a ruling class of evil people who would like nothing better than to kill 19 out of 20 of all men, women, and children who are living on this world today.  Did I mention that I am tired of being pissed on and then being told that it is raining, anyway, feels to get that off my chest tonight, I have no problem if you get a chuckle out of my rant here, as long as you also give some thought to this as well.  Now I'm going to my fridge and grab another beer and come back to my computer and maybe watch some cute cat videos or something, lol.

Valerie Burns says:

WWIII is in the Bible

Darryl Landry says:

When Bernie said we were sick of hearing about emails, I agreed. What I want to hear about is her clear breaking of the anti-emolument clause of the U.S. Constitution. Giant speaking "fees" for Bill while Hillary just happens to be around….really?? In New Orleans a bar wanted to sell me a bottle of cheap champagne for $150. I asked why I would pay so much, He pointed to a girl at the bar and said "because she's gonna drink it with ya". So Bill takes the money while Hillary didn't spreads her legs, apparently a fine old southern tradition!

John Excell says:

Just Read the book "When money dies" – Fergusson
1923 Germany = 2015 USA (and the world economy, social genocide)
"A timely warning of the potentially dire consequences when central banks hit the printing presses" – all countries since 1971
The nightmare of deficit spending (USA since 1913), Devaluation (USA since 1913) and Hyperinflation in USA since 1971 when Nixon ended sound money.
100 years + of subverting Article 1 Sec 8 and 10
All USA debt foreign and domestic has to be paid in physical gold and silver coin.

John Excell says:

“Dollar devalued as worthless paper “
Letter to editor Jan 17, 2008
“This is camouflage for printing a lot more worthless money”. The saddest thing of all is that all this worthless paper has to be redeemed and there is going to be a 1930's type depression when it happens.

John Excell says:

“All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their constitution, or confederation. Not from want of honour or virtue, so much as the downright IGNORANCE of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.” John Adams – 2nd president of the United States

John Excell says:

January 17, 1961 Ike warns against military complex – In his farewell speech tonight, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the nation against a growing “military-industrial complex.” Many listeners were surprised tat an old soldier should bite the hand that feeds him. In fact. Ike cautioned against the military's potential for wrongdoing without reference to its past record.
“The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power, “ Eisenhower stated, “ exists and will persist.” He foresees the possibility of public policy becoming “the captive of a scientific-technological elite,” noting that for “every old black board there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.” He advocated a decentralization of federal control of research.
Eisenhower concluded his speech with thoughts on world peace, which he sadly felt was not in sight. Still he offered a prayer that “peoples of all faiths, all races, all nations” might live together in “mutual respect and love:

John Excell says:

Actual Law
US CONSTITION Article 1 Sec 10
No state shall enter into any treaty, alliance or confederation: grant letters of marque and reprisal; COIN MONEY, emit BILL OF CREDIT make anything but GOLD and SILVER coin a tender in payment of debts, pass any bill of attainer; ex post facto law or law impairing the obligation of contract, or grant any title of nobility (NOT A GREY AREA, RULE OF LAW)

77guy777 says:

What about the missing emails during the Bush Administration?

Anita A says:

Carson is an insider and for mandatory vaccines, this is not good.

GARY P says:

The investigators need to get the show on the road, pick up the pace, double time it. Give them all immunity just get Hillary behind bars in one of her fun camps (jail) for the rest of her life. We need this thing wrapped up before there are any more elections with Hillary's name on the ballot. While all the legal fighting is going on regarding immigration the illegal aliens are pouring right over the border. With all the appeals and legal wrangling we should see a final ruling and decision by 2024

Albert Roberts says:

I would love the opportunity to debate BLM with Greg Hunter I agree with a lot of subjects you talk about but this is one where I do feel your on the wrong side of things. but I'll never bash someone for having an opinion on the matter as long as their open to learn

Dennis W says:

It don't matter what comes out about Clinton. The morons will vote for her anyway. They are idiots and they don't care.

BadDawg Bobby says:

WAR !! This Government Had Better NOT even think about taking use to WAR!! THERE is NO justification, in our world CURRENTLY, That could possibly justify The USA to go to WAR. If the Federal Reserve and the Obama Administration takes use to WAR then I would insist that his Children and the Children of our Congress sellouts, be required to enlist and serve on the front lines. Otherwise, keep it in your pants, Ass hats!!

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