Christine Lagarde Speech Global Economy 2015 Dong Devaluation Update

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Close Christine Lagarde Speech Global Economy 2015 Vietnamese Dong Update at 52:50 into the video – The newest video from Christine Lagarde regarding the Global outlook for 2015 and beyond. Why did the Vietnamese Dong go down in value again? If there is going to be a revaluation why devalue it yesterday? Christine Lagarde IMF Speech at Atlantic Council Source:
52:50 – Vietnamese Dong Devaluation May 7, 2015 – Christine Lagarde Speech on Global Economy for 2015 – Vietnamese Dong RV or Devaluation


Elaine Walters says:

If you want growth then get off peoples backs and lower taxes

camflex66 says:

Make it so # 1

dean g. Moxon says:

she looks like Starfleet Admiral

dean g. Moxon says:

Ha ! She looks like a disheveled Star-Fleet Admiral……

Anaudopseudopodepanaps Solamente says:

Well, isn't this mummy's job to speak clearly and openly to the world, instead of playing this kind of games?? What the hell is she doing talking numerology to sound interesting whether she's actually saying anything or not?
This woman's only concern in life is which fancy restaurant to have brunch at and to look after her 10-year outdated and idiotic tan…

thinkin outloud says:

How horrible to bring up JFK's name when he was killed for keeping the dollar on gold. He was sacrificed so they could wreck our economy. Now in thier arrogance they use his name, his speech to deliver another rediculous solution that will only make them fuedal lords and us worker bees without respite

In Spire says:

It sounds bad taste to talk about how countries should cooperate and at the same time the fact is, that eurocountries have decided to ruin the economy in greece just to save frence and german banks – inequality, inequality, inequality, that´s the main issue if we try to solve the global problems (try to avoid a total catastrophy)

B-Flat BluesMan says:

What is this carbon unit? Is it/he/she/he/she/he/it a tranny?

Ionel Popescu says:

so shamlessly she mentions she "got her money back" from greeks; hey, bitch: IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY!

Paul Ben Michael says:

This is demonic witchcraft. I didn't even know that Arsene Wenger was a tranny.

gilbert nowak jr says:

I officialy give her a new monicer: QUEEN OF THIEFS.

Rib Buster says:

If you look closely…you can almost see Obama's hand in her ass…puppet, and a liar (IMHO). You also know that when she acknowledges Liesman (CNBC midget,Troll) we are fucking doomed…fuck we are DOOMED !!!!.

Brent Farr says:

Christopher "Tranny" LeGarde speaking on a dong devaluation, hmm.

No No says:

Its a joke, obviously she is worried. The banking cartel is in an unofficial with the government and this is whats happening. She is being coerced by the banking cartel who which greece owes money to. This is about making slaves and thats it. Anyone that thinks otherwise only needs to look up like anything relating to America/UK and its banks plus a few other big banks. This is a war and people need to understand that

jamesdelab1 says:

this bitch is a tri-lateralist and loves the idea of a New World Order , one government ruled by idiots like her from Brussels

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