Top 10 Ridiculous Bond Gadgets (Quickie)

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It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work! Join as we count down an absurdly useful Quickie Top 10: Ridiculous Bond Gadgets. Subscribe►►
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Sterling Archer says:

This is the reason, I became a spy.

DiamondDead says:

1:20 – "Please forgive me, Mr. Marky Mark."

Useless info channel says:

Too be honest, these seem like the best for "pranks".

marsmunky orky says:

The fake nipple would have been better if it fired a laser death ray.

Blake Murray says:

Hey there. Nice One. dust test What's your opinion about that, guys !!!

pozzibleMovies says:

They are only ridiculous if they don't work

Mateus Andriolli says:

Ridiculous? I think you want to say awesome…

Chris Large says:

What about the invisible frikken car from die another day???

Andrea La Ciura says:

Roger moore rules in this categories!

madstreaker84 says:

no invisible car? who made this list

whutzat says:

#6 and #5 were useful.

Shouldershot says:

7 of these are from the campy movie star to make Schumacher shudder… Grandpa Rog. My least favorite bond.

Dimitri Bitu says:

the invisible car is awful

Terry Jones says:

Am I the only one who thinks "Octopussy" cannot possibly be the name of an actual James Bond movie? I mean if it were some James Bond porno parody then yeah but, really? That's just silly even for this franchise…..

Damien Hine says:

Thought the invisible car would be on here.

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