That’s Why I Love Formula One.

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Сomp about the quickest of sports and most expensive, dramatic, dangerous sport in the world.
Formula 1 – is the limit of speed and engineering. Every boy’s dream.

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Martijn Slingerland says:


Samilop 22 says:

do you prefer masa or hamilton

Pequeño Billy Jowel says:

gilipollas :D

Ziodres says:

How Hamilton shits his pants in 2:26 is epic.

federicoportela77 says:

correction, used to love, F1 2014 – 2015 is no were near what it was… mercedes and co. killing F1

Renato Babic says:

can someone tell me. what is the first song on video!!!!???

Candra Septyawan says:

"Fernando is faster than you. " always remember this radio message

Leyla Nur Aycıl says:

Damn,It's soooo cool video man! Congrats!

B0zzy says:

this was formula 1 at its best i just want to know where did he magic go.

Diogo Lima says:

Years have passed, and this is still the best F1 edit video I ever saw

That Guy from Down Under says:

Formula 1. People are constantly complaining about how it's boring with Mercedes absolutely dominating, but you look back at history and at almost every point there was a team that just simply outclassed all the others. Did people complain then? I don't think so. Because they knew that these drivers, no matter which car they drove, were the very best at what they did. They were elite, and that is why they were the ones driving. Nothing has really changed. The technology in the cars has become so advanced, you can't actually fire an F1 car up from cold. It has to be pre-heated so everything moves nicely. The drivers are still the best in their class though. And yes, we give some of them shit (Maldonado) but the truth is if we were the ones driving those cars, if we even got them moving in the first place, we would more than likely put it in a barrier the first time we actually got any speed up.

People complain about the noise of the engine. So what? Its a damn engine. It goes quickly. Why does it need to be loud?

Ffs get over yourselves and enjoy the good racing that happens further back in the field. It's the pinnacle of motorsport, and we need to remember that the technology coming out of these cars is actually being subtly used in other areas of our lives. It's insane what goes into these cars. They aren't just knocked up in John's garden shed anymore. They're built with supreme precision and to incredible detail. If you can't understand that, then you need to rethink how you look at the world. Rant over.

Alejandro Barasoain Martinez says:


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