Options Trader Begins With $10K Account & Now Trades $300 Million

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“I am a real trader because I am wrong a lot and I still make money.” In our fourth exclusive interview with Karen the Supertrader, we ask all of the hard-hitting questions about her trading style, strategies and mechanics she implements. Starting with just $10,000 in her account, Karen is now managing over $300 Million. Karen credits the importance of waiting for pull-backs in the market, portfolio allocation and being proactive for her trading success. Like the rest of us, she too has a hard time trading in this market environment of all-time highs and low volatility. Don’t miss it!

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Lynne Chase says:

Can anyone let me know whether it work? I have small income to invest and need to make sure that I invest it in the right spot to create profit. Thanks

Fero Jackson says:

Inspiring BUT very misleading title: She started with 10k but its not this 10 k that she turned to 300 million. First she got cash her 100k fund and made 50K on it. Then she "raised" money to ~600-700 K and started trading with that. I salute her skill and guts but no one should dream of turning 10K into 300 million in few years. It does NOT happen. If you watch more of her interviews e.g. in 2013 she made ~25% this is 2500 dollars on 10K value account. She is able to (admirably of course) bring other people to pool in cash and her base capital is pretty high.

Never the less – very inspiring.

Timothy Joe says:

I wonder what her numbers are looking like these days….How is she doing these days?! 🙂 Thanks tastytrade!

Jason Feliz says:

where is the link to live track record and performance measures?

Jose Garcia says:

you cats are great! you school us to succeed and to think cautiously!i appreciate the show and all the knowledge that comes with it!right on!

malthus101 says:

Next time you interview Karen, it would be cool to hear about her very early days, when she just began with a $10,000 account – what was she trading? Who were her mentors? What books/resources was she studying? How did she learn options? How long did it take her to become profitable etc… Thanks.

David RealtorCT says:

Your channel it's just awesome, i'm hooked.

David RealtorCT says:

How humble she is. Love her.

Mark Phillips says:

I have nothing but admiration for Karen, but I hope she has read Taleb and Mandelbrot because during an outlier event or Black Swan her naked positions would blow up the entire portfolio and she'd be ruined.

S Albin says:

same old lousy hype about a suspicious Wall Street crook.

Please have her present the past records showing she made lots of money

Yhek Yet says:

The slow grinding up of the stock market has also killed me. It killed my profits and money 🙁 Damn!

Jayesh D says:

How does she manage large spread on SPX options that she trades?

Larry Kuzyk says:

Awesome series of interviews with Karen guys.  They're an absolute inspiration for me.  I've been trading the es minis for quite a few years, and probably like most, my returns aren't up to where I think they should be. You know the story, losses wiping out winners, cutting profits too soon, etc.  The idea of not having to pick market direction is certainly a refreshing thought and the consistency of Karen's returns is impressive as I know you agree.   I also agree that over time, and in most endeavors, the Tortes usually wins out over the Hare. I'm thinking that,that's the side of the fence I'd much rather be on. My question is, can you tell me what the term 'Net Lick' refers to as I've never heard that term before….Thank You.

Clos111888 says:

Gordon Geckos wife

naeem mussa says:

Which platform does she use 

Tim Lindén says:

Man does she give one hope after a loosing streak! Thanks for beeing such an ispiration Karen!

Theo Paine says:

Given the huge interests in Karen's trading, Karen should create a video course with book that fully lays bare her strategies with SPX & other indices she trades. With the help of Tasty Trade's promotional efforts, Karen's courses would be a HUGE success. If she wished, she could donate the profits from those courses to her non-profit foundation. Huge Win-Win! Tom & Tony can u help make this happen? :)

stardust260872 says:

This woman & what she has achieved is an inspiration as a retail trader. But can anyone please tell me how she makes money when she is shorting puts 17% out of the money? I mean I trade the Aussie stock market with what I think are fairly conservative methods. I'll short naked calls on individual stocks if I feel they are overbought and write naked cash covered calls on stocks I'm happy to own if assigned. However my criteria are 5% OTM and at least 1% (monthly) premium on my total exposure (ie assuming I'm assigned the underlying). It's hard enough to find trades to fit this. How on earth does she make decent enough premium to make it worthwhile with 17% OTM puts? I know the US market is much bigger than ours. Is that the answer?

saint bond says:

Waiting to see her reach a Billion !!!

ttdokes says:

She's amazing 

Carl Winner says:

Good job,
Tell her to write a book teaching the methods she uses. She´s great!

Garth Burlingham says:

How deeply inspiring to a new trader just trying to modestly boost my income with conservative options trading. I wish you could drill down and ask her about a non-profit teaching seniors how to trade options conservatively.

BeatsPlanetMusic says:

I just watched this again and realized Karen predicted this gigantic October meltdown way back in August.

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