The Logo Design Process in Graphic Design

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Close Graphic Designer Roberto Blake explains the Logo Design Process and what is expected when developing a new logo design for clients.

Logo Design is serious business because we are talking about your “name”, and when it comes to your company or your career, you’re only as good as your name. That’s why professional logo design is so very important. Your logo goes before you like a banner, and conveys who you are to your clients and establishes who you are vs. your competitors, telling them what you’re about; in essence “you are your logo”.

Choosing Artwork For Your Design Portfolio:

Why Logo Designers Use Adobe Illustrator:

How to Become A Print Designer:

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BillerJO says:

looks like im getting paid top dollar lol jk

Nanopcc says:

Hi Roberto, great video, very interested to see your graphic design pricing video and client questionnaire. Keep the videos coming and keep creating awesomeness.

Manish Acharya says:

you are awesome man! glad to found you.

Nicolás Llanos says:

Robert you should change your last name to Blade, because you were as sharp as I needed providing a very accurate disclosure of all the phases included in the business process side. Thanks man!

artfromsaturn says:

Kathy again, not computer savv y like you' I do want to learn tho

artfromsaturn says:

Hi Roberto'' my name is kathy- I subscribe to your channel' I have learned a lot' my question is how are you able to access my email but I can't reply back' so can you tell me how to respond to a comment

Rush Loftis says:

You rock!

Eric Havard says:

I do not recall when living on the East coast that there were more than 24 hours in any given day but seeing the output you have just in videos an East coast day MUST be at least 32 hours long!! I truly enjoy your insight, they are well articulated and have the feel of unbiasedness… two items sorely missing with many a YouTube content provider, thanks!

Reverend Veritas says:

I can't get enough of your videos. I'm going on a watch-binge like I was catching up on Game of Thrones.

adkadesign says:

Thanks this helped me alot!

Otzey says:

So where do I start as a graphic desginer?

glocked andloaded says:

im a graphic designer and ive never heard a better explanation and process of logo design…awesome vids!!!

Drogon Targaryen says:

You seem like a pretty good teacher. Your videos are very informative, keep it up

Ian Ortega says:

Amazing intel on the way to go about business as apposed to the creation. Much appreciated. Any update on the podcast ? Im a graphic, menswear, painter designer from Hollywood. Great videos man, keep it up!


I don't normally seek to agree with with the client on an idea before proceeeding to execution. I normally present at least three different, almost fully executed ideas, and 9 times out of ten, they'll go woth one of the directions.Then we'll finalize from there. I've been doing this for 15 years, and it's worked well for me so far. One of the reasons, is that you can't rely on the client to be able to fully visualize the concept.

Jeanne Posthumus says:

Very informative! Thanks!

Iwan Santoso says:

I like what you share. But i think you need to visualize more than just face' shoot.

Tyler Caldwell says:

I have a question about font use in logos. Say for example, I download a font from and it has a read me with it that says it's free for commercial use and royalty free, I can then use it in a logo and sell it to someone can't i? I mean regardless I still make minor tweeks to maybe the kernings or shoulders after I expand the type and make it more original but I should be fine using it shouldn't I?

See Billy Run says:

Hey Roberto, thanks for making this video. It's really awesome of you to take the time to put this together. I really appreciate it!

I have a question. You mentioned that you present the client with a full colour logo, a white against black, and black against white version. I'm guessing this mean that you also provide the client with EPS, JPEGS, & PNGS for the three different versions? 

Katu Leenu says:

Great tips! Thanks for making this video!

Sivash Persaud says:

LOL Clients see limited revisions as the nightmare. 

Gianni Claes (spikesponge) says:

How and at what stage should I tell them they should pay for every step that is taken? (without being rude)

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