Photoshop Tutorial Web Design Flat Style

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In this tutorial we will learn to design websites flat style in Photoshop.

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Photo Credit : Monument Valley by Matthieu Parmentier

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Creative Mind says:

in 5$ only i will create your company website design, bannerads, logo, headers, flyers, brochures, post cards, and many more checkout my gigs

Саша Васильев says:

Cool! Fast and tricky!! Thanks for video, really helped me to more understand the PS basics princips!

Darius D'Silva says:

very nice.

Silvano WR says:

Very angry , even show this very detailed video …!!!

David Mensah says:

You're insane MEHN..!!…..LOVE YOUR DESIGNS…

Andrius Peleckas says:

in which photoshop version it was made?

cmiNk Alone says:

how to convert to html file

fennel infotech says:

Very impressive and simple as well as useful techniques. Thanks for sharing.

Junaid Rehman says:

can i get psd of this design?

sherlock omar says:

deas thank you bro (y)

Ishan Fernando says:

Super design. Do more :)

Lalinda kumara says:

awesome tutorial very useful for me thanks very much for posting…

TshirtGiyenKedi says:

Not completly flat but still awesome tutorial. Give me ideas. Thank you. =)

Eko Cahyo says:

very nice

Dimitar Margaritov says:

I am complete beginner in photoshop and web dev, thanks for the inspiration.

Anim8ors Asylum says:

nice tutorial 🙂 good job

Kurt Robin Jalgalado says:

Is it ok if I use this design on my tarp ? BTW, thank you for this tutorial :)

João Lucas says:


voiceless says:

Nice technic, but doesn't looks like a realizable website, more like someone make a leporello look like a website. But still a good inspiration. Thanks for that.

Hien Le Minh says:

Hi, is it possible to make this page responsive? How would this look on mobile?

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