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Close Mathematics – offers 1000+ online math lessons for mathematics distance learning with a personal math teacher inside every lesson!


Sherazahmed Qureshi says:

For online classes of Mathematics Tajweed, Tafseer, Qirat, translation, Hifz, Nazra, Science Subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) from (Jr. Kindergarten to Grade 12) , Languages Arts and Business Studies ( Accounting, Marketing, Business Communication)
skype us @ sixsigma.learning OR just leave a message in inbox of facebook here

CrazyGamer45 says:

i almost went to
sleep but it help a lot

Joann Collado says:

hard and nice

PerryKatyLove says:


Mark Mark says:

How did u get the 14

ياسين علي says:

your handwriting is great

kraziiass says:

i knw no one is perfect but she would be my meaning for it.

Trevorie Robinson says:

this was good information

yaser alsinnari says:

even though im watching math lesson on my laptop i couldn`t help but to sleep,old habits die hard i guess.

Xylander Liu says:

Our math teacher didn't tell me this ●︿●

Adriana Onio says:

This is a great video, I feel like I'm in a real classroom setting and listening to my teacher. Great topic but I can't really understand the operation.

yeskaa 95 says:

how did yhu qet (-2)?? im lost…

Felipe jaime says:

I know there has to be a shortcut

mrdeveta1 says:

Yea she's good bt i can hardly keep up.

Patrick G. says:

@urq121 21 hours and 36 minutes

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