Life in The Universe Documentary | HD 1080p

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This documentary was made, produced and is completely owned by Discovery Channel. I do not own anything in this video. This video is only for educational purposes and I am not claiming this video as my own in any way.


Mike Sharp says:

im wathcin this and im in THIRD GRADE!

Mike Sharp says:

we can live on mars there is water once we find out it has food we go live there

Mike Sharp says:

the sun we owe our life to without the sun we wouldn't exist…..

William Tran (WillyPepp) says:

did sean pertwee narrate this documentary

Mist says:

life in the universe is under different forms, i don't know why people insist that there are no aliens. they are just ignorant's

Hayden Agnor says:

Elliot Rogers

wahsher says:

background music is bad and unnecessarily scary

Janet Jane Perico says:

The Universe is a power of God that we can't measure or even count the stars,We have to be thankful to God for giving us a special place like earth,there is oxygen,water,and fire,I hope people realize these things is not a myth it is reality.Don't find God when you have everything, Find God when you have nothing.

Matthew Ogwang says:

Le t me first learn more …………

alan r says:

A planet of canines has just been discovered from the bow wow signal.

Alpha Centauri says:

I have to put of the video, the nouse is unbearable. Why there has to be such a tremendous noise so tha one can not even understanding properly, what you are telling.Unfortunetaly there is the same noisy nonsense all over the physic videos. I think it is just a damend nonsense.

THE#1GAMER100 says:

What is that thumbnail ???

Space Documentary says:

What's a great video!!!

Matthew Hucker says:

This looks like the raw file was in 360p. Ffs.

roberto paredes says:

this can not get any more fake lol is sad people believe in this shit being brain watched they dont want to reveal the truth thats out there all this is fake as it can get people dont believe this stuff is crap lol not kidding tho fake as universe created on a computer voice done by a liar lol

abd ans says:

one power will controle all people's wise and thoughts
one os is working for us in our soul
and more softwares
who is giving a programming for this

can we believe about this complicated prodedure that " it is being made automatically "?

abd ans says:

then who made a programming for it
the people say about this power "god"

abd ans says:

imnt dare to say , the religion is irrelevant
we are human
our body and soul is not made by us
we didint plan about our body how to be

abd ans says:

les moor
why the relegion is irrelevant ?
pls give explanation

DeathLotus says:

this subject fascinates me, the biggest thing that bugs me is the big bang. if it created everything, what in the name of all that is good create it and what was around before it?

Ubunifu Sacco says:

Amazing stuff. After watching this I feel so small, so light and insignifcant…
someone educate me on what scientists use to capture all such images, how is it that whatever these cameras are riding on never collides with those comets flying around aimlessly at mad supersonic speeds?

khmlight3 says:

Humans are not the only living things dumb people.

Carolina Michalek says:

Space is an astonishing thing. Who knows what lies beyond. Extraterrestrial life or no, its just as fascinating. Why must we take so much time to create a vast way of transportation through space? Let alone it takes 20 years to travel from earth to the sun in a plane. Sooner or later we must find dark matter, for, it's our only way of finding the real secret to the universe. It's one of the only ways to teleport through time. Once we have a sample of dark matter, the possibilities are endless.

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