How to Charge Clients for Freelance Web Design

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Freelance web design is a very intriguing venture as, if done right, it can be quite profitable. However it is very important to charge your clients properly, and fairly. In order to make sure we are doing this there are two way we can charge our clients – a fixed price, or hourly rate. Both are fine, though each has their pros and cons.

Fixed prices usually make us less money but are generally easier for small businesses and people on smaller budget, while hourly rate (depending on how much you charge) can make you more money, but usually cost clients more.


Sam Deacon says:

the issue I have is I spend too much time 'focusing 100% on learning' when I can actually find real work which would build portfolio as well as experience and bringing in a little cash. I've actually turned good work down because of underconfidence that I need to learn more.

I'm confident enough in front end and I love Jekyll fo static stuff, learning wordpress theming, but also want to knuckle down and better understand sql object oriented php frameworks, JavaScript frameworks, gulp yada yada yada

Jerry B says:

Good video.  Thanks.

Matthias Zöttl says:

Hello and first of all, thanks for all the really helpful tutorials you made!

How to you actually sell your clients the websites/design you make?
Do you just give them your html and css/jquery/bootstrap etc. file?? (sorry this might seem to be a stupid question^^)
and who actually hosts the website, do you deal with the hosting or do your clients manage this by themselves.

And do you ever work with CMS's?

Sydney Cornwell says:

I've heard people charge a fixed price per page. e.g. $400 per page, so if the the website contains 5 pages that is $400.00×5. does that seem reasonable?

Samiran Ghosh says:

Thank you for such a nice video ..
My question is , how do i make a contract with client ? Is it a legal contract or  in a simpel  PDF or word format … 

Potato MustLive says:

you got my subscription sir B)

Inaccessible Cardinal says:

Man, If I quoted $300 per hour, I'd get chased out of the building! I've always done fixed prices, but theoretically based on an hourly rate…I kinda eyeball it, and guestimate how long it will take. 

cake reviews says:

this might be a personal question but id like to know as im leaving college soon. How much do you make per year? thanks.


How would you say I should charge people for web development in PHP? Not design; but backend development.

Max Din says:

Thank you.  How about charging by page?

lukasds182 says:

What do you think about 99designs?

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