Eclipses: Crash Course Astronomy #5

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The big question in the comments last week was, “BUT WHAT ABOUT ECLIPSES?” Today, Phil breaks ’em down for you.

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As promised, Phil’s sun spotting recommendations:

Astronomers Without Borders (charitable org):

Rainbow Symphony glasses (I have these myself):

Wide variety of viewers from Rainbow Symphony:

Solar Eclips 0:59
Lunar Eclipse 1:03
Moon’s Orbit 1:23
Size of the Earth and Moon 8:24

PBS Digital Studios:

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Scarlett Love says:

Oh this ones for older kids LOL

francesca. says:

studying for astronomy mid terms; bless this series

Aziz Omair says:

Does welding safety glasses safe to use? I've seen the sun eclipse using welding safety glasses.

Annabella Rose says:

Your videos aways help me ace my science exams thanks!

Dori S. says:

I'm just trying to study for an astronomy test and suddenly Rhett and Link.

Ross Betts says:

I thought it is a lunar occlusion not eclipse

Envy says:

Was that Rhett and link

Ziquafty Nny says:

I really am glad that scientists will try and name things linking back to ordinary objects, events, ect. So much easier to remember than say trying to remember Latin names of organism but not knowing Latin.

Luis Gustavo Diniz says:

Awesome video! It's really helping me in my astronomy class!

goerizal1 says:

what happens to the weight of the moon in solar eclipses when the moon is caught between the competing gravities of the earth and sun on it – both pulling it but in opposite direction?

ImperialBiscuit says:


GeeJay Jonathan says:

Yay! I think I'm at the right place to watch a total solar eclipse at the right time. Coz I live in Sri Lanka!!

WMTeWu says:

1:04 – Shouldn't the Earth be bigger? Like 2-3 times bigger?

Johanan Brouwer says:

two days ago there was a super bloodmoon.. :D.. im glad ive seen it!

JaydragonM says:

hey blood moon lunar eclipse tonight woo-hoo!!

Ozymandias says:

Lunar eclipse is happening right now as i type this in London !

Toshio Yuuki says:

Lunar eclipse in about an hour from now :D

MXSchakal says:

Hm. Well at least I can say that I saw a total solar eclipse when I was young.

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