Blue Oyster Cult – Astronomy

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Music video by Blue Oyster Cult performing Astronomy. (C) 1978 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT


Black Anthem says:

Exceptionnel !

Stas Krup says:


david olsen says:

I had forgotten just how good these guys were. Masters of their craft.

Basil II Macedonia says:

1 person can go and hornswoop his bungo pony.

Oakball Hibbrawlus says:

Saw these guys on Day on the Green , Oakland Ca n 80, or was it 81,,, lol,, damn I know I was there,,, like all the member s grab'd a long neck n began playing ,,, Fk n crazy

skyofavalon says:

Best version is on Some Enchanted Evening in my opinion

Tom Davis says:

Does anyone know if this is available on an album anywhere?

jason75 says:

But great guitar solo, today they dont have guitar solo like they did 30 to 40 years ago.

jason75 says:

I still got the LP, I prefer the album verison

Hans Gijsen says:

Geweldig nummer, heeft helemaal niet aan kracht ingeboet (1974), pracht sfeer en dan die solo van Donald Roeser (Buck Dharma). De uitstekende zanger (Eric Bloom) heeft lijkt wat uitstraling betreft op Lou Reed.

Cathode Roy says:

Well said!! it was my first exposure to a laser show the time I saw them at the Qrpheum in Boston when they did "And Then Came the Last Days of May" and aimed that laser at the mirrorball…I will never forget how weird and beautiful it was to see hundreds of tubes of light all around you looking so solid that almost everyone around me, including ME, I admit it, instinctively reached out and tried to grab them…I was in the balcony, so the beams were even more intense…good times!

Kirth Gersen says:

It's hard to judge by this – it's not been digitised very well, to be honest – but what you can't appreciate here is the full majesty of that laser show – at 5.15 or so when the lasers start to hit the spinning mirrorball, the hall is filled with sweeping shafts of blue-green light like an undersea forest of laser fingers that speed up as the beat quickens – the film wasn't sensitive enough to record that, unfortunately – but for those who were there, it was almost a semi-religious experience…

MateusLakituu says:

BOC is amazing.

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