Acupressure for Sinus & Allergy Relief
No need to continue suffering from sinus issues or pesky allergies! Use this simple acupressure routine daily to find relief.
Acupuncture for allergies and sinus congestion
Learn about how acupuncture can help allergies, congestion, itchy eyes and ear aches.
Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies and Sinus Infections
One of our clients, Nicole, talks about her experience with natural treatments for seasonal allergies and sinus infections, specifically acupuncture and whole food supplements. Nicole’s daughter has been receiving acupuncture for years, but Nicole has [More]
Acupuncture Lake Havasu City AZ Sinus and Allergies Chiropractor
Visit or call Dr. Daniel Talley at American Chiropractic to learn how our fantastic team located in beautiful Lake Havasu City, AZ, can help you achieve Optimal Health and Optimal Function for Life! Join [More]
Acupuncture : Acupuncture & Sinus Allergies
Sinus allergies respond to acupuncture by strengthening the chi in the stomach. Discover the benefits of these treatments with information from a licensed acupuncturist in this free video on alternative medicine. Expert: Brighton Roper Bio: [More]