The physics of surfing – Nick Pizzo
Wondering how you can catch the perfect wave? Dive into the fascinating and complex physics of surfing. — Whether or not you realize it, surfers are masters of complicated physics. The science of surfing begins [More]
The Physics Major
This video mostly goes over two of the biggest classes and fields you learn about as a physics undergrad which is quantum physics and classical physics. I will be going over more classes (in less [More]
Hi Everyone 🙂 Welcome back! I get asked often: “Where did you get all this stuff?” My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update [More]
Are you smart enough to study physics?
A small pep talk followed by some practical steps you can take to find out if physics is a good fit for your intelligence. This video also applies to mathematics, something I find hard to [More]
The Mystery at the Bottom of Physics
Correction: I pulled a stupid. The fine structure constant is given as 1/137, not 137. The Fifth Science (the super-duper ultra new book) ► I also make horrendous music ► For sending personalised insults [More]
Physics Vs Engineering | Which Is Best For You?
Join Facebook Group: Follow MajorPrep on Twitter: This video goes over physics vs engineering and how to know which major is best for you. There is a lot of overlap between what you [More]
Physics 1 Final Exam Study Guide Review – Multiple Choice Practice Problems
This physics video tutorial is for high school and college students studying for their physics midterm exam or the physics final exam. This study guide review tutorial contains 50 multiple choice practice problems. You can [More]
Nuclear Physics Fundamentals – The Best Documentary Ever
Nuclear Physics: Fundamentals and Applications by Prof. H.C. Verma,Department of Physics,IIT Kanpur.For more details on NPTEL visit . Take the PBS Digital Studios annual survey: Its time for our second to final Physics episode. So, [More]
Quantum Physics in a Mirror Universe | Space Time
To learn to think like a scientist check out Check out the new Space Time Merch Store! When you look in mirror, and see what you think is a perfect reflection. You might [More]
Red Dead Redemption 2 – Saloon Fights (Euphoria Physics Compilation)
✅ Please, take a sec to like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! 📺 Red Dead Redemption 2 – Saloon Fights (Euphoria Physics Compilation) A different video this time, some Saloon fights in Red [More]