1918 Influenza Pandemic
Humanity’s Deadliest Flu Outbreak
Public Health Response to Severe Influenza
This influenza season is notable for the sheer volume of flu that most of the United States is seeing. Reducing the spread of seasonal flu in communities and adjusting to spot shortages in antiviral drugs [More]
Influenza Vaccines
The influenza vaccines changes every year, and are either inactivated or live-attenuated vaccines that usually cover 3 or 4 strains of Influenza A and B. Learn more about the vaccines in this video. For more [More]
Remedios caseros para combatir la Influenza | Dr. Juan
Con los climas fríos llega la temporada de influenza, y es importante proteger nuestra salud. El Dr. Juan explica las causas más comunes de contagio, los síntomas físicos y los mejores remedios para atacarla. SUSCRÍBETE [More]
More Than Two Dozen States Report “High” Influenza Activity
The best way to protect yourself is to get a flu shot.
The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in America | Struggle Against the Spanish Flu | Documentary
● CHECK OUT OUR 2ND CHANNEL: https://youtube.com/TheBestSpaceArchives ✚ Watch our “Old America” PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaGAbbh1M3ImKavW8ZY0aZyFK1c-PLCAj ►Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheBestFilmArchives ►Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TheBestFilmArchives ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/BestFilmArch In 1918-1919, the worst flu epidemic in recorded history killed an estimated 50 – 100 [More]
Influenza: Die “echte” Grippe ist hochansteckend!
Primarius Lamprecht erklärt, was für die Genesung wichtig ist und weshalb die Impfung gegen die Infektionskrankheit weniger weit verbreitet ist, als von Mediziner/-innen oftmals empfohlen. (Koe) TV-Beitrag: © LT1 Privatfernsehen GmbH, Industriezeile 36, 4020
Influenza: Get the (Antigenic) Drift
Have you ever wondered why you need a flu vaccination each year? The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases explains the ever-changing nature of influenza viruses.
Deutschland hat Grippe (2018) Influenza
Husten, Fieber, Schüttelfrost: Die Grippewelle hat Deutschland im Griff. Übervolle Wartezimmer landauf, landab. Geschlossene Kitas, leere Werkhallen – selbst Krankenhäuser arbeiten am Limit. “Alle Betten voll belegt”, meldet das Krankenhaus St. Anna in Duisburg. Durch [More]