The New Astronomy: Crash Course History of Science #13
This week on Crash Course: History of the Scientific Revolution—astronomical anomalies accrued. Meanwhile, in Denmark—an eccentric rich dude constructed not one but two science castles! And his humble German assistant synthesized a lot of new, [More]
History of Languages based on nuclear science සිංහල භාෂෘව ගැන කියවිය යුතුම කතාවක්
Shocking news! Sanskrit is not a language. It is a coding system based on atomic engineering. See the true origin of Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew. සංස්කෘත යනු භාෂාවක් ෙනාෙව්. එය සීංහලේ භාෂාවේ රහස් කේත ක්‍රමයකි..
Medical Science History Mural @ Emory University
The Medical Science History Mural is a 66-ft. long, 3-story tall mosaic in the lobby of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building at Emory University. Installed in 1996, it is the work if Italian-born [More]
NASA’s New Discovery – The Largest Black Hole In History – Documentary Channel
Largest Black Hole In History – Beyond Space and Science – Documentary Channel A black hole is a mathematically specified region of spacetime showing such a strong gravitational pull that no particle or electro-magnetic radiation [More]
The Craziest Moments in Sports History
Craziest Moments in sports history this video is NOT including any injuries or tragedies. Get Your SportzCases here! – Promo code for 10% off – SAVAGEBRICK discord: Instagram: Twitter: Gaming channel: [More]
50 Centuries in 50 minutes (A Brief History of Mathematics)
John Dersch (9/19/12) How did we get the mathematics that is studied today? Who was responsible for major advances in the mathematics that we now take for granted? When and where did this work take [More]
The History of Advertising in 60 Seconds
The video above provides a 60-second, bird’s-eye view of the evolution of the advertising industry, from ad agencies to brand-building to soap operas to branded content.
[PDF] Replications: A Robotic History of the Science Fiction Film Read Full Ebook
Reading Replications: A Robotic History of the Science Fiction Film Popular Books Get Now
Deadliest Plague in Modern History: The 1918 Flu Pandemic (720p)
This documentary film is about the flu pandemic of 1918 in the United States including interviews with survivors sharing their emotional stories about family and friend impacted. The 1918 flu pandemic occurred long before modem [More]
Weequay Species Biology, Society, and History
Learn everything there is to know about the Weequay race, made famous by Hondo Ohnaka and his pirate gang in the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels! — Subscribe for more Star Wars videos every [More]