Give Disruption a Taste of It’s own Medicine
81% of large organisations suffered a cybersecurity breach in 2014. What if you could harness disruptive new security technologies to FIGHT BACK? Watch this video to find out more.
Counter Strike: Global Offensive Song – Never Gonna Give You AWP (CS:GO) – Stagged
Hey guys! I am Stagged! Thank you all so much for watching my Counter Strike: Global Offensive song parody. This time it’s a cs song called Never Gonna Give You AWP! Hope you guys enjoy [More]
Give Me Your Lunch Money! (1.5 MILLION DAMAGE) – War Robots – Lancelot Gameplay
When I ran the Lancelot robot on the test server, I always joked saying it was going to take players’ lunch money. In this game it highlights exactly that. Many players ask me is the [More]
Hot Drinks Could Give You Cancer?!
New evidence shows that hot drinks can give you cancer. John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston discuss a recent study that appears to prove that drinking hot beverages is likely to cause cancer. Will this study [More]
My Mom’s HER2 Breast Cancer – My Mom’s Last Herceptin/Chemotherapy Treatments – Never Give Up
My Mom’s HER2 Breast Cancer UPDATE! – My Mom’s Last Herceptin/Chemotherapy Treatments Sean’z View Ent ! – Subscribe Now!
How to give hair amazing volume with Zoella | Advertisement for ALL THINGS HAIR
Zoe shows us how to get gorgeous, voluminous hair using a unique new range by TRESemmé. First you condition your hair to make it soft, then use the shampoo to wash away weight. You’ll be [More]
How to Give an IM Intramuscular Injection Shot in Deltoid
Learn how to give an IM intramuscular injection in the deltoid muscle for nursing students, new nurses, or other healthcare professions. This video shows the landmarks for giving a deltoid IM shot, and how to [More]