The four monster shifts of disruption in healthcare
Like most industries, the Future of Healthcare can best be described as disruptive. Four key trends will determine the success and failure of Healthcare. These new trends require that Healthcare leaders understand the trajectory of [More]
Disruption Defined: Maersk navigates data to move goods globally
Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution. After steam, electricity, electronics and IT, we’re now experiencing the digital age. This revolution is transforming all industries, including shipping and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial services, government and [More]
The Technological Disruption of Healthcare (Dr. Daniel Kraft) – Exponential Finance 2014
Convergence of fast-moving technology is rapidly changing the face of health and medicine. From mobile health and wearable sensors to artificial intelligence and personal ‘omics, this talk will explore implications for personal health, workforce health [More]
Get Ready for Blockchain’s Disruption
EHR-to-EHR data exchange alone can’t support healthcare’s move to value-based care and its increased consumer focus. Blockchain will disrupt the interoperability status quo with its capability to support a seamless healthcare experience by centralizing, securing, [More]
Healthcare, Remixed: Disruption in Medicine – SXSW V2V 2014
Dr. Zubin Damania, former Stanford hospital physician and current CEO and Founder of Turntable Health, discusses why doctors are so weird, why healthcare is such a colossal mess, and how we might disrupt a 2.8 [More]
Dr. Wolfe addresses and treats scaphoid instability due to dramatic ligament disruption.
Dr. Wolfe addresses and treats scaphoid instability due to dramatic ligament disruption.
The Impact of Innovation via Disruption | George Andriopoulos | TEDxDeerPark
Organizations often search for answers within a self-imposed box, but what if they escaped the box? What if they changed the way their organization functions by turning that box on its side? Disrupting the “norms” [More]
re:publica 2017 – Linn Baumgardt: Cannabis: The Next Disruption
Find out more at: More than a third of Americans live with fully legalized Cannabis, Canada will legalize Cannabis next year, and Germany just passed medical legalization in March. Still, cannabis is one of [More]