Crash Course On Medical Research I
Dr Rachel eshima Mcaky , Professor at UCSF , USA , giving a brief overview of main methods and models of research and the basics of conducting medical research
Fluids at Rest: Crash Course Physics #14
This episode is sponsored by Audible. Try Audible: Get Your Crash Course Physics Mug here: In this episode of Crash Course Physics, Shini is very excited to start talking about Fluids. You see, [More]
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Rotational Motion: Crash Course Physics #11
Get Your Crash Course Physics Mug here: Did you know that, at a certain point on a moving wheel… there’s no motion? I mean, kinda… it’s all relative, right? Prepare to have your mind [More]
Cycles in the Sky: Crash Course Astronomy #3
This week we build on our naked eye observations from last week and take a look at the cyclical phenomena that we can see at work in the universe. — Table of Contents: Naked Eye [More]
Uniform Circular Motion: Crash Course Physics #7
Did you know that centrifugal force isn’t really a thing? I mean, it’s a thing, it’s just not real. In fact, physicists call it a “Fictitious Force.” Mind blown yet? To explore this idea further, [More]
Mercury: Crash Course Astronomy #13
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It has no atmosphere and is, as such, covered in craters. It’s also incredibly hot but, surprisingly, has water ice hiding beneath its surface. — Table of [More]
Mobile App Development Crash Course: Intro
This free hands-on, crash course in mobile app development is designed for anyone interested in making their own app from scratch, no prior programming experience needed. This session will just be an intro and an [More]
Vectors and 2D Motion: Crash Course Physics #4
Continuing in our journey of understanding motion, direction, and velocity… today, Shini introduces the ideas of Vectors and Scalars so we can better understand how to figure out motion in 2 Dimensions. But what does [More]
Newton’s Laws: Crash Course Physics #5
I’m sure you’ve heard of Isaac Newton and maybe of some of his laws. Like, that thing about “equal and opposite reactions” and such. But what do his laws mean? And how do they help [More]