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Clips from our two week field course to Dahab, Egypt.
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Dr Rachel eshima Mcaky , Professor at UCSF , USA , giving a brief overview of main methods and models of research and the basics of conducting medical research
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Get Your Crash Course Physics Mug here: Did you know that, at a certain point on a moving wheel… there’s no motion? I mean, kinda… it’s all relative, right? Prepare to have your mind [More]
This week we build on our naked eye observations from last week and take a look at the cyclical phenomena that we can see at work in the universe. — Table of Contents: Naked Eye [More]
Did you know that centrifugal force isn’t really a thing? I mean, it’s a thing, it’s just not real. In fact, physicists call it a “Fictitious Force.” Mind blown yet? To explore this idea further, [More]