Jordan Peterson – Advice for People With Chronic Pain
Viewer from Patreon has chronic pain and wants to become more productive in life. Peterson gives his own advice and tips on how to deal with it physically and mentally. Source: Support Jordan:
Late stage chronic Lyme disease // a different kind of journey | VLOG #51
Thanks for all the messages over the past months about if everything was alright and why there were nog vlogs anymore. I’ve not been able to reply but here’s the reason why…
The mystery of chronic pain – Elliot Krane
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As a Spouse of Someone in Chronic Pain
Today I’m talking about my thoughts on living with a spouse who is in Chronic Pain. Let’s be honest, it’s not the brightest of topics, but I think I found three benefits to this experience, [More]
What is a Chronic Pain Syndrome?
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A Good Day Vs. A Bad Day With Chronic Pain
What a good day and a bad day feel like with Chronic Pain. @TheMightySite
Things People With Chronic Pain Wish Others Would Stop Saying
People with chronic pain shared the things people shouldn’t say to them, and what they should say instead. Read the full story here: @TheMightySite
Chronic pain rant
How I really feel *** contains strong language ***
First Time Trying CBD Oil For Chronic Pain 💪 (2/14/18)
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Acupuncture for Chronic Seasonal Allergies
In this video, Adam Wiscomb, a top San Francisco acupuncturist at Middle Path Acupuncture, explains how to treat chronic seasonal allergies in a patient. The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine in California includes many types [More]