Can You Take Chemo In Pill Form?
Oral chemotherapy fact sheet dana farber cancer institute oral not just any ordinary pill mayo clinic. Tablets come in 2 sizesthe amount of capecitabine that you will receive depends on many factors, including your 15 [More]
Update After 1st Chemo Session – Stage 3 Breast Cancer
Update video after my first chemo treatment with stage 3 aggressive breast cancer and chemotherapy. 🔻Yep, I am definitely a hot mess in the video! I will be sharing my journey with chemo, surgery, radiation [More]
Nature Crazy’s Top 6 Tips For Preventing & Reversing Chemo Induced Hair Loss
Emerging scientific evidence has shown that chemo induced hair loss can be prevented, delayed, and completely reversed. Today, we’ll be sharing Nature Crazy’s 6 exclusive recommendations. 1. Studies have shown that the treatment of cancer [More]
How to prepare for Chemo Hair Loss – Get a Badass Haircut!
Knowing I am going to lose my hair a 2nd time is a different shock. This time, I felt the need to take control. Knowing I only had 1 more day before supposedly starting chemotherapy, [More]
Chemo Pill
September 29, 2009
Groundbreaking study says some breast cancer patients may not need chemo
About 70% of women diagnosed with the early stages of one of the most common forms of breast cancer might not need chemotherapy as part of treatment, according to the results of a long-awaited study [More]