A horsehair worm, probably Gordius, from Rock Springs, Texas.
New Behind the Scenes of Zoology Collections at DMNS- Science Sunday We tour the new zoology collections with Jeff Stephenson at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The new space is much improved from [More]
Introduction to my Zoology channel
Aakash iTutor: PMT-Zoology Class 11th Video Lectures (Structural Organization in Animals: External Morphology of Cockroach) to prepare for NEET-AIIMS through online coaching tablet by Aakash Institute. Enquire to get Full Video-Lectures @ (http://www.aakashitutor.com/edu-tab/) to prepare [More]
The response to my first video on getting started with zoology got a great response from viewers and I was overdue for a follow up. I interviewed the amazing scientists and photographers John and Kendra [More]
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